Reminders And Refreshers

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Posted 06 October 2007 - 08:20 PM

3 things:

#1 most of you know this, but some of the newer members must not. when you enter your car, and are about to exit the pit box (take to the pit lane) please do not drive STRAIGHT AHEAD. just because the way looks clear, it is still the cars ahead place to appear when that driver enters his car.  what you should do is check that the way is clear (behind you) then turn directly into the pit exit lane, drive parallel to the pit boxes, till you reach pit exit.
CHAT.. while not allowed during Quall and RACE, it is allowed in the last 5 minutes. If the race steward needs to ask you something, it will be whispered to you.  you should reply in the same manner. if you dont' know how to whisper (in GPL) check the rules of oAo, i've detailed the procedure.

Whispering in Vroc is a simple matter of right clicking on the name of the person and a small window opens with options. one of the options is to whisper.
the 5 minute FULL FUEL session.  is intended to give ALL drivers a chance to get a feel for their car with a race fuel load.  to announce '5 minutes remain' shouldn't be necessary.  Each of us is responsible to be aware of the time remaining. And what it means. We dont need to ask the race steward if we can now go out to attempt to quallify, if you crashed in the opening session of qually. YES.. you can!  And NO, you aren't required to do it with FULL FUEL..  full fuel is to YOUR benefit.. if you choose to forgo that in a trade for a qually time, that is your choice.

just know that most of the cars are going to be on track, with full fuel, and chat is allowed, and no one is required to get out of your way, just because you still are trying to qualify. you had your chance earlier, now you have bonus time, to use as you see fit. but the intention is to insure a safe start.

your commissioner and sometime Race Steward.

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