S7 R09 Goodwood June 26/09 - How Was Your Race?

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#1 Gunny



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Posted 25 June 2009 - 10:20 PM

Race replay and XML files

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#2 Kimmo


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Posted 26 June 2009 - 04:33 AM

Congrats Sam for the win and Leo for P2. I made a huge mistake by opting to go with Q setup in the race (but with more this and that). In the first few laps I was wondering why the car felt so odd. Didn't have much grip at all and it seemed to be getting worse. Then all of a sudden I braked into a corner and the car went straight off. No steering, no brakes. Scrolled through the HUD and saw all tires were flat! Then I realised I didn't change to race tires, I was still on bubblegum tires! lol I am such an idiot. No wonder it didn't handle all that fuel! Ok, limped back to the pits, I had no damage and did my best not to get any either, going back to see my crewchief. Well, they changed the tires, rejoined the track right in front of Samuel, who was some 8 seconds behind me when my tires went. He didn't put me a lap down, got the tires working and I put my head down. I had no idea on which lap I was, all I knew was that Leo was a long way in front of me. I put down some mad laps from there on and got it down to 3 seconds. He didn't make any mistakes so it took a while. Then the fuel light came on. I had used a lot more fuel than I had anticipated while trying to hound Leo down. So, 3 and a bit laps to go, 9 litres left. So... I had to start shortshifting, using maybe half throttle... :(  I wasn't losing much time to Leo so I was thinking maybe he is running low as well, so I pushed a little again. Then I thought, no hangon... how many laps left? 2! and 4 litres left. Oh this won't work, fk it. It would have been sweet to catch Leo, once I went bonkers I had my pace down pretty consistently inside 1.05 first, then 1.04 so I think it would have been mighty close... ;) I'm not too upset about my own stupidity, actually it was a lot of fun pushing like mad. Once my laptime slipped into a low 1.06, that one time the timing went all mad and it was showing nothing (I think that was when Dom did something silly like crash or something) and I briefly lost concentration thinking "Oh sweet, here goes the connection... well why the hell not? That would be so typical..." but apart from that lap... I am pretty happy with what I did :)

#3 maximica


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Posted 26 June 2009 - 05:42 AM

server kicked me... :blowup:

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#4 Leo Menegucci

Leo Menegucci

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Posted 26 June 2009 - 08:49 AM

Lucky P2. I spun and crashed so much during practice that I decided to run a safe pace and not try anything stupid in race.

Green lights and I was second to last, but I could folow the guys in front of me with ease, just wasn't able to pass them, unlass they made some mistake, and so they did. I lost count of cars crashed or spun backwards in the grass, all that with maybe just 1/3 of racing. Lucky me, I was third chacing Dom trying to put some pressur on him.

Then, I think around lap 15th, my cat jumped on my lap right at the last chicane and I missed two gear shifts trying to slap her down at the start/finish strait.   :blowup:

Dom was than some 5 secs ahead, but looked like I was caching him again, when, in the same lap that  :soapbox: of a cat juped again on my lap and I lost all concentration and spun coming out of the last chicane.

I straightened my car and than was scrolling trough the hud to see what was going on. Dom was gone some 15 secs an Kimmo some 40s behind closing fas one second per lap.

The pace I could race was good to keep that 3rd place from Kimmo to the end, but I could not close into Dom anymore. I realise I found a good base setup for the car with race fuel and new tires, but with light load and worn tires it doesn't work so much. Than, towards the end of the race Dom crashed and I just focused on finishing.

:2a: My best result so far  :wheelchair: . Though I know only 3 guys finished  :P and probably Sam's hardest time was trying not to sleep at the wheel.   :sleepy:  


#5 Phil Ashio

Phil Ashio

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Posted 26 June 2009 - 05:42 PM

I was just hoping to finish the race since I was way off pace. Started ok. I figured that I would just do 1:08's and finish. At around lap5 I think. I got lost on the track. I forgot where I was and well game over. Right into the wall. Oh well.
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#6 Samuel


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Posted 29 June 2009 - 07:42 AM

Didn't have much time to prepare for this event and noticed that even thou the track layout was quite simple and easy to learn , it proved to be quite hard to master it. Some tricky turns and very deceiving gravel traps just waiting to put a wheel there and rip the car out of the track immediately.

My qualifying was quite modest and didn't find the balance with the sticky rubber this time , 5th position in the grid was quite disappointing.

Race started out quite well thou , figured that Rob infront of me would suffer a bit with the turbo lag on Renault and managed to slip by him at the start. Dom in my left side had an excellent start but fortunately he decided to aim for the left side of the track so there was enough room for me in the middle. Dom would have taken the position away from me but he got boxed behind Pablo and i could keep the 4th place into the 1st corner.

Took it very easy on 1st lap and overall i had a same kind of a game plan than Leo , just drive safely and see if the race comes to me later on. Almost lost it on lap 5 anyway and that was a final warning to not try any unnecessary risks ,  Kimmo and Pablo were 0.5-1 seconds faster per lap so there was no point for me trying to catch them.

Noticed from the splits that Pablo was closing on Kimmo and that that could play into my hands later on if they start to fight it out , but then Pablo had an off and soon after Kimmo had to pit for the new rubber so that was it this time...  ended up in the top podium by misfortune of others but thats the way it goes sometimes :unsure: . Kimmo was clearly the fastest man on track (again) but a mishap from the pitcrew cost him too much today , it was an impressive comeback into the podium never the less  :thumbs: .  Congrats to Leo also for finishing in the 2nd place despite having a problem on his lap (pun intended     :P  ) .

Looks like the championship is tightening up suddenly and anything is still possible , but with these challenging cars the situations change so suddenly so better keep both feets on the ground and take it one race at a time. Luckily the next one is going to be one of my all time favorite tracks and i'm really looking forward to it...the ultimate challenge for sure   :sweatdrop:     :rockon: :drive1: :bigglasses: .

Cya there...  :bye1: .


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