Funrace 65Mod @ Donnybrooke 1971

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Posted 07 January 2018 - 08:02 AM

Hardly ran the 65 mod last year, but it's my favo mod besides 67s. You can push these cars really hard, and it's also a good mod to race close with.

Seeing testing times, decided to take 1 of the slower 2 cars (BT7/T77). The Cooper lacks topspeed, and therefore it's almost impossible to pass 65 topcars clean. But it handles like a dream! :)

Set a PB in the last lap of quali, good enough for Pole. Iestyn went by me after the start, but he made a mistake on lap 2 also allowing Tris to get in my tow, and easily blasting by on the main straight. Was faster at certain corners, but ofcourse the BRM is one of the fastest cars in 65mod, especially having great topspeed. Sadly Tris made a mistake going off once or twice, and he ran out of laps to catch me.

Well done Tris and John, for podium!

Thanks to Iestyn and Tris giving me a fight, and thanks to all for racing, was fun! :)

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Posted 07 January 2018 - 01:54 PM

Well this was a new mod to me, I had downloaded it a few years ago but never actually did anything with it.

With no idea what car was good and what was bad I just put a few laps in with each to find a good base set-up. Never found anyone on line to see if my times were in the ball park and eventually settled on the BT11 simply because it was so easy to drive.

Qualified in 5th a tenth behind of Burt but half a second short of Iestyn in 3rd and way behind Trist and Rob at the front.

I had opted for a high 1st gear as it seemed more natural to me in the race as it allowed me to use it for most of the turns while keeping the ratios fairly close so I could keep the engine buzzing throughout the lap. Problem was I got swamped a bit for the start and was down to 8th by T1. Fortunately (For me)  someone went wide and and I pulled another place back by taking the log way around then out braked Tim into T3 so was back were I started. Then passed Iestyn recovering so was up to 4th. Managed to get a good tow from Burt down the S/F straight a few laps later and passed into T1. Burt was all over me for a few laps until I think my braking point into T3 caught him out and he spun leaving me in a very lonely 3rd. I slowly lost ground to Trist and Rob as the race continued and I could see Burt and Iestyn having a monumental battle a few hundred yds behind

So I was able to just concentrate on my lines and was really chuffed to be up at the sharp end both in finishing position and also "Most Consistent" which is always my priority after actually trying to win.

Thanks for the race all, I actually quite like these. I'll have to look out for a championship somewhere I can have a go at.

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