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11 April 2020 - 09:39 AM

That was fun as long as it lasted. Unfortunately I had a minor accident which made the car very hard to handle. I could not steer proper and to avoid more damage on this dangerous track I decided to quit. Sorry to Peter who was behind me and also involved. I hope you could go on without damage! :wounded1:
Looking forward to the next race :wiggle:

Good Old Movie-Making

24 December 2019 - 06:55 AM

hi fellow racers,
about one year ago Bo Bruce kindly invited me to join oAo racing league. That brought me back into Grandprix Legends after being away for more than a decade. Luckily I could become a member of a team and had most enjoyable simracing experiences during the last season. However getting back into gear was not that easy.
And that is more or less the matter of this little clip which also brought me back to my roots in GPL-moviemaking which started in 2004.
I have to thank Stefan Roess for his easy installation guide which was very helpful. And of course all the guys at oAo. And everybody else who was or still is supporting the old lady GPL.
The password for the clip is "rudy"

Cheers and of course seasons greetings Posted Image

rudolf (Slowmoe)

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