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28 September 2019 - 02:58 PM

Hats of to the podium, I raise my glass.
That was a thriller: As usual my qualifying was 1-1.5 seconds slower than my PB but I am always slower during the races because I try to avoid mistakes.
But tonight I will dream of screaming Hondas hunting me down the roads coming closer and closer... and then the white whales will bite of my legs. Well I should dream something else as I was lucky as shit (if I dare to say that).
First Tim gave me a hard time and it must have been even harder for him being held of lap by lap. But I knew the strength of the better Ferrari and made sure to get the better exit at a couple of important positions (after T8 for instance). When we approached to a back marker at T1 I slowed down a bit to avoid danger which caused Tim to spin. I am very sorry.
This was not my intention. I just lifted the throttle because I thought overtaking in the esses is a bad idea. I always had in mind not to damage the car because Bend Racing is poor.
So I was still in 5th when a couple of laps later Mati was huge in my mirrors and the same story started again. We had a great battle and Mati was clearly faster but I had the better car and just tried to keep cool and make use of it as good as I can. And in the last lap he overtook me with a great move. Unfortunately for him he made contact in T8 and I was through once again.
Phew! Fortune favors fools!

Thank you very very much Tim and Mati for being so smart and great drivers! It was a great battle and it was masterful how you kept cool and in control and we did not crash!
Great sport especially for a noob like me :thumbs: :beerchug:

In Topic: On Line Practice

17 September 2019 - 05:25 AM

I like practicing online as well especially for the above mentioned reason: The handling is not as responsive and different. 99% percent of the tracks are new to me and therefore it does only make sense to go online after I spent enough time learning the track.

In Topic: Full Distance

15 September 2019 - 04:30 PM

It depends very much on the track: Reims with the long straights is perfect. Enough time to relax. Eat, drink, lift you back...
What spices these races up are the pit stops! Liked that a lot although I messed it up and had to stop twice which ruined my result.
Short and sweet: Two!

In Topic: Reims Mclachlan Memorial

15 September 2019 - 04:24 PM

That was a very good racing experience. It was the first full length race in my life. Well... unfortunately not really. As I messed it up in lap 53. I was pushing hard as I was trying to reduce the gap to Bo with whom I had a lot of fun - like so often during the last races :)
I had a good pace but messed up the pit stop and made 2 or 3 mistakes.
So I lost a lot of time. But this high speed course was so much fun that my driving became too risky. I am sorry for my team for the damage I have done :(
Congratulation to all the finishers and the podium!

The choice of  this particular track for such a long race was perfect. On the other hand I can imagine many tracks which would be too exhausting to race for more than two hours.

In Topic: Safari Live

31 August 2019 - 03:54 PM

...the lions are not concerned... :Eyecrazy:  The guy just keeps cool and moved slowly backwards. I can imagine it could be difficult to act like that. But anything else could have a dramatic effect.

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