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My Behaviour On Teamspeak

08 June 2019 - 10:52 PM

I wish to unreservedly apologise for shouting
" TURN YOU UNDERSTEERING PIG " on TS during the race in Sicily.
Pigs are fine creatures who turn perfectly well in their own right.

I had a choice to do that as I use a key to speak...
I realise that my actions could have effected the concentration of other drivers
for which I also apologise.

I realise now that understeer is solely due to my inability to tune and drive the vehicle.
This is a career long issue and my feelings may have overcome me
but that can never be an excuse.

I am also sorry that I turned up with no effect I could have been shot as a spy.

My habit of reinstalling GPL, mod, track 17min prior can never be an excuse.

Pete F2

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