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Today, 12:53 PM

To continue what Iestyn and John were saying.  I have also seen what John is referring to. Some of our fastest drivers do not look very smooth when I watch the replay from their car.  Is this a topic that was covered in SRMZ?

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Yesterday, 01:42 PM

As Chief Race Steward I have used the results from the protest program to identify problem spots during the previous race.  A useful tool.  The stewards will certainly not issue any penalties with out reviewing the actual event on a replay. Any changes to the current protest system used by oAo will be announced and be open to review by everyone.

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02 March 2019 - 11:27 AM

$$$$.    slow and steady brought me in at 9th.  Sorry to see that we had so many discos.  I'd complain about the Honda I was driving but Mr. Cheeseman showed how it's suppose to be done.

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16 February 2019 - 04:34 PM

The start of another season. I finished, picked up a point and a few coin for the team. About all I can ask for.  Happy to be out of the Honda.  For now.  I was thank full for a track that was easy to learn.  I've read some of the complaints here, and I don't share the concern about the coming track. There was a lot of contact today.  Some was unavoidable but a lot of it was avoidable.  Now we all have a chance to do better
     Happy but concerned about qualifying 10th.  My speed was well inside my comfort zone for this track, but I was concerned about being in the middle of the pack. I do not do well in crowded spaces(I am a bit of an introvert)
The start went well except for being in the wrong place when Bo had a lazy spin.  But recovered fast and found my self at the end of the mid-field pack.  Hung there for awhile until my "touch" from Tames.  I'd rather call it a "punt"
This happened at the last turn before the S/F straight.  I was on the outside and an even slower car had the inside. There was almost a car's width between us.  Tames was pointed at that gap. But his front end appeared to have a large push which caused his car to contact mine. After 3 barrel rolls I landed shinny side up. Took a big breath and continued on. the car felt a little out of alignment, but felt better after a slow lap.  Eventually caught up to Ronnie and had fun trying to push him(with no luck)  Had a number of incidents with Tim and I apologize for any that were my fault.  I checked the maintenance report after the race and was quite surprised that the spotters had only reported 3 minor problems. Neither Tames or myself had any damage from our encounter. So on to the next race.

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03 January 2019 - 12:14 PM

Gee whiz ZZ  I thought I could always count on you being behind me.   Hope I'll be able to keep up now.
Bob Holada

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