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Today, 10:24 AM

I can confirm you can see the flagman on the marshall tower completely, with single screen resolution. It's just my 106degrees horizontal FOV means the vertical FOV will get smaller, thus eliminating the half of the flagman/starter...happens hardly, just a combo of close lateral position and height of the flagman...

Again sorry, might have put Michael and others in a position that they wrecked. Such a shame :( Also I think it's best to have a rolling start at ovals, with the polesitter starting the race out of T4, and no passing in the field before the s/f or so. We did that well at Daytona and Michigan IIRC ;)

I ran the bhrace setup stock, but for fuel and strg quali set a stiffer rear sway bar than bhquali stock, to have slightly more oversteer in general cornering balance, this allowed me to run 1-2mph faster at the apex of each turn...

If I can find them at GPL Track Database, Brian Hall setups would always be the base for me at ovals. I was impressed by the awareness displayed by most, despite a few big ones. Thanks again all for the tribute. Feel sorry for Bruce missing out on the race, but a full grid was great. ;)

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Yesterday, 11:23 AM

Sorry for missing the start, didn't see the starter properly from my POV (only legs, and part of the flag when the race started)...sorry to all getting caught up in it behind...

edit: either pole was too close to the brickyard, or my FOV of 106 degrees plus triple screen resolution meant I only saw flagman's legs...

Used BH setups, quali slightly tweaked more on the loose side. Only changing steering ratio to 10:1 for 540 degrees wheel. Pulled of a good lap in quali, wanted to do a sub52 like I did in the practise before. But as said, missed the start, but at the end of Lap 1 was back in P2. Michiel struggled with his tires and went sideways, and got the lead. Never looked back. Pushed to create a little gap, and then could manage the tires a bit and lap safely. Had a few close calls, especially towards the end with a multicar wreck in T1/T2. Also ran out of fuel last lap, and got a blanked screens event before T1 (reminder to bind another control in joy2key to mouse click, for ovals). So last lap was crap, but lucky not to wreck as well ;)

Thanks all for racing, happy with my efforts for the remembrance of Dan Gurney!

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16 January 2018 - 08:18 AM

View PostMichkov, on 15 January 2018 - 04:55 PM, said:

What better excuse to learn Swedish.

Here's a beginners course :P


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07 January 2018 - 11:04 AM

Haven't done pCARS and/or AC (yet), so can't give an opinion.

On a sidenote I remember with the McLaren competition the emphasis wasn't at one's speed or consistency, but arguably more the physical qualities and how one did present himself to the media etc. (marketing). I wasn't on the inside but surely think Huttu or Huis deserved it more than van Buren based on their sheer simracing qualities. But arguably Rudy had more charisma and better physique. I might be wrong tho.

Anyhow Greger Huttu is still the greatest simracer of all time, based on all his online achievements the last 20 years with different sims. :)

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04 January 2018 - 11:18 AM

View PostClaudio Pablo Navonne, on 03 January 2018 - 02:29 PM, said:

Thanks for your comments and suggestions (the critics will never be welcome :bigsmile: ). I have come to the conclusion that the season should have at least 35 dates to conform the members of the TSG, I am sure that with 100 races we would not conform to all the members of the league ... Thanks again, we really do it with passion, with the same passion that each participant puts in this league.

I agree, it's impossible to please everyone Claudio :)

But the TSG did a terrific job, many challenging tracks, and also some real good racing tracks, with a lot more recent add-ons as well!

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