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In Topic: Adc / Vor Can-Am 71 @ Mid Ohio 71, September 27, 2017

27 September 2017 - 08:46 PM

Dave cheated: He stayed on track. :3dnono:  ... :P

Congratulations Dan.

In Topic: Adc / Vor Can-Am 71 Mod, Can-Am 66 Mod @ Mosport, July 28, 2017

31 July 2017 - 10:31 PM

Great running with you, Andrew. Always looking forward to the next time.

In Topic: Hiatus

20 July 2017 - 09:34 PM

Great news, Donnie! Sounds like just the stuff you need to be taking. Good news for all of us since we'll be able to race with you longer into the evening. Thanks for the update. I always love to hear good news on the medical front for us pensioners.

In Topic: Adc / Vor 66 Mod @ Mexico, July 12, 2017

13 July 2017 - 08:01 PM

Congratulations on a great drive, Pete. As long as TJ is blowing up motors, he's not much of a threat either.  :rasp: I have little room to talk, as I blew one up as well. :blowup:

In Topic: Adc / Vor 55 Mod @ Zandvoort, July 7, 2017

09 July 2017 - 07:33 PM

I always enjoy your posts, Pete, almost as much as I enjoy racing with you. Well, you may be racing. I'm usually toodling around trying to hang on to the tarmac. Yes, get Andrew listening. Then he can hear all the "wonderful" things we say about him. An impressive turn out for both events. Congrats to all.

Tom deserves all the accolades we can provide for hosting and for posting. Thanks TJ.

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