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Gpl Stream.

12 October 2018 - 03:54 AM

Last nights race at Road America


We had to reset the server machine and do all the tweaking and stuff before the race so a couple of details went out the window sadly but still the best stream so far. The track postition box doesnt work properly due to one of those details , we were gonna cut out the tv2 angle as well but forgot in the stress leading up to the race. There is a slight stutter in the image rendering and that is not due to hardware but to bandwith and the fact that its an online rpy , we havent gotten completely around that yet but where there is a will there is a way I suppose.. enjoy.

Pir Graphics Update/track Version

03 September 2018 - 03:27 AM

Hi all

Is there a graphics update for this track?

Gpl Live On Youtube

13 August 2018 - 06:53 AM


Our fall season over @ Historic esports starts on thursday. We have worked on a live stream via youtube for the league and over the summer there has been a lot of exciting developments.

Olaf has developed a replay director patch that enables the stream cam to switch between drivers based on the spacing between cars as to capture the battles on track. When the gaps allow it the cam will rest with the leader of the race. He developed this in four different versions no less and its available for download over at SRMZ in the replay director thread. Also works for regular replays in gpl and cant recommend it enough.

Further he figured out how to integrate pribluda into the rpy view so we can now show the leaderboard on screen during the race as well and that helps a lot. So when I say "we have worked".. I suppose its more Olaf that has worked on this and what he has come up with is a massive leap in the right direction in terms of broadcasting gpl live. We will obviously continue to look for ways to improve the concept further.

We should have reached the point of having something actually worth watching now so like and subscribe and help us promote gpl online.


P.S - we also need more drivers.

Indycar And F1

03 August 2018 - 04:25 AM

So after Alonso decided to give the Indy 500 a go Ive been watching and following the indycar series. As Ive gotten to know the series it strikes me that Indycar is in a much better place than F1 these days. The races are close and tight with a chance for a bunch of drivers to win on the day , its like a new world of racing.

Formula 1 is not in a good place. There are 6 (more like 4 )  F1 cars racing eachother and 14 other cars who look like F1 cars but clearly arent. I sincerely hope Alonso will ditch F1 for Indycar next season , that would be awsome to see.

Raising The Bar , The Dirtgear Patch.

28 April 2018 - 12:57 AM

Hi all

If you havent heard of this patch it was developed by Olaf Lehman as an online patch that introduces some stuff into the race enviroment that I find very exciting. Tirewear , dirty tires effect and a repair \ tirechange option

Sadly it doesnt work with the US version of gpl but it can be fixed with some .exe editing.

We (me and a couple of buddies) have a league going on thursdays and we are gonna introduce this patch when our fall season starts in august. This will be in pro mode.

If there are any drivers who are either fans of this patch or curious about it all are welcome to join and try it out. As far as Ive gathered no leagues run this patch now , I know EOLC used it some years ago but in INT mode wich enabled shift+r. We intend to race it in pro mode without shift+r. Its an experiment so to speak to see what this patch delivers and what it can do to the race dynamics in general.

Its fair to say this patch doesnt make gpl any easier , quite the contrary. Laptimes are slightly slower on avg and there will be a tirewear aspect to the races that most drivers arent used to and that has to be considered. The dirty tires effect is also something that will catch us out as grass and gravel will have an effect on the grip for a few corners / seconds. These two effects are the only ones that will be directly felt by the drivers in the actual races , the repair/tirechange option is there if its needed but with a clean race or minimal damage it wont be used much. But its nice to have it. Its very much in keeping with the spirit of the 60`s , finish at all costs even if youre a lap or two down. A blown engine cant be fixed and drivers must get the car to the pits in order to repair. Throw in a 80 % race completion percentage to score points and we have ourselves a total nightmare of online racing.

Its all about enhancing the race dynamics. Dirty tires will create situations and overtaking opportunities that werent there before. Tirewear might change things around in the latter stages of the race depending on how you drive the car. And an accident doesnt necessarily mean youre out. It will cost time but its possible to stay in the race. Short of blowing the engine that is.

This patch has sparked some controversy in the past and thats not my intention here , its only an invite to any driver who is curious and who wants to try something different and new. Skill level and pace isnt important here. Allthough its probably a patch that more seasoned drivers will gravitate towards as it makes it all a bit more tricky and difficult.

So the testing ground for this patch will exist from august and we intend to drive a test race in early june to see how it works.

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