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In Topic: Funrace 65Mod @ Donnybrooke 1971

07 January 2018 - 01:54 PM

Well this was a new mod to me, I had downloaded it a few years ago but never actually did anything with it.

With no idea what car was good and what was bad I just put a few laps in with each to find a good base set-up. Never found anyone on line to see if my times were in the ball park and eventually settled on the BT11 simply because it was so easy to drive.

Qualified in 5th a tenth behind of Burt but half a second short of Iestyn in 3rd and way behind Trist and Rob at the front.

I had opted for a high 1st gear as it seemed more natural to me in the race as it allowed me to use it for most of the turns while keeping the ratios fairly close so I could keep the engine buzzing throughout the lap. Problem was I got swamped a bit for the start and was down to 8th by T1. Fortunately (For me)  someone went wide and and I pulled another place back by taking the log way around then out braked Tim into T3 so was back were I started. Then passed Iestyn recovering so was up to 4th. Managed to get a good tow from Burt down the S/F straight a few laps later and passed into T1. Burt was all over me for a few laps until I think my braking point into T3 caught him out and he spun leaving me in a very lonely 3rd. I slowly lost ground to Trist and Rob as the race continued and I could see Burt and Iestyn having a monumental battle a few hundred yds behind

So I was able to just concentrate on my lines and was really chuffed to be up at the sharp end both in finishing position and also "Most Consistent" which is always my priority after actually trying to win.

Thanks for the race all, I actually quite like these. I'll have to look out for a championship somewhere I can have a go at.


In Topic: 67 F2 Mod

06 January 2018 - 05:12 AM

Hi Bob,
Which ".exe" do you mean?

Assuming you are using GEM you only need the original GPL.exe. The Mod specific ".exe" files should be created each time you load a mod.

(I frequently delete all my Mod ".exe" files (Such as "gplcf2.exe","gplc55.exe") and allow GEM to rebuild them from the main GPL.exe.

If you mean the actual Mod Install ".exe" Here's a link to mine. Not sure if it's the latest version but it's the one I used at the B'ham Superprix fun race.


I'll leave it up for a few days.


In Topic: Funrace Spa 1955

30 December 2017 - 06:59 PM

I hope the upcoming season goes as well for me as the fun races have. I had assumed I'd be fighting over the minor placings here having seen both Trist and Michiel break the 4 minute barrier earlier on the server and assumed other D1 guys would be posting similar times, I already had a good set up from a UKGPL fun race here a month or so ago but a few tweaks meant I saw the odd 4:01 during the week leading up to the race, bettering my previous by over 2 seconds.

Lined up in 3rd on the grid and followed Trist and Michiel through the 1st lap, Almost lost it at the Masta Kink on Lap 1 having got a great tow off Trist's SL and arriving nearly 10mph faster than usual. On to Lap 2 and Michiel had disappeared off into the distance and Trist was slowly pulling away when he got it very wrong at Stavalot and I backed off to see exactly where he was going to go and squeezed through as he spun to the inside.

Michi Ed, Trist Bob S and Burt were never far behind for the next lap until something happened and I suddenly had a good cushion back to 3rd, no wait where was Michiel? I had not noticed him disappear off Prib and was more than a little surprised to find I was actually leading and the chasing pack were fighting over 2nd. The remaining 8 laps or so were spent hitting the apexes and being conservative with my braking points with nothing more than a quick Dab to line it up for the turns. I could see Michi was on a charge and although I'm sure he would have caught me given enough laps I didn't see the need to push as simple Maths told me he was going to be a few laps short of being able to mount a challenge as long as I didn't throw the Merc at the scenery.

So everything considered a better result than I had dared to hope for.

Congrats to all finishers


In Topic: A Question For You Fast Guys

23 December 2017 - 07:45 PM

Hi Don,

Well, I'll chime in for what it's worth.

A good baseline set up which you are happy with for each car is very important.

I have to admit I only really have three types of setup for each car and I take those to almost every track. I have one set up for ovals 1 for predominately left or right handed tracks, (I use GPL set up manager to reverse the settings if necessary). And one for everything else. The "Everything else" set up is symmetrical and I although I may adjust camber angles I don't usually make it asymmetrical

Other than that I usually only adjust Gearing, Ride Height and Clutches. That is not to say I won't tinker with other parameters but over race distance knowing the balance of the car is more important to me than outright speed. (I only race I don't "Hot lap").

I'm not a fast driver (-19 rank) and I don't get many fastest laps or pole positions but I can usually qualify near the sharp end and do get more than my fair share of most consistent ratings. Even a small "off" takes many laps to get you back to where you were. If I've had a few and I check the results more often than not I find the time lost on those laps is worth 1 or more finishing positions

Like almost everyone else has said "Power on Oversteer" is a highly desirable feature of any set up and Understeer is the spawn of the devil, but again If you see a diff setting any more aggressive than 60/45 from me it's probably a typing error. There isn't much which is more satisfying in GPL than being able to power around the loop at the Glen or Burnenville at SPA balancing the turn in using the throttle. Power off Oversteer is something I just cannot master, so my braking distances tend to be a bit longer than the faster drivers because I set my car up for the corner in a straight line and then power through whereas Rob, Gerd and Co seem to be able to get the car turned under braking and then use the power to continue through the turn.

Brake bias... Again I almost never go less than 53% and usually concentrate in getting all the wheels to lock at roughly the same time. That way I know that if I'm on the limit the rear won't snap on me or I'll suddenly start going straight on when I'm desperately trying to make a corner. I know those things alone mean I will probably never make the jump to the next level but Hey! I'm enjoying myself.

Tyre pressures.. I just play around until I get them to run at the recommended pressure (Hot) for the mod I'm driving. I rarely manage to get them all in the "Green" zone on prib as my driving style doesn't lend itself to generating the heat necessary. :(

I don't knowingly trail brake or anything and I drive the same configuration as I do in my real car (Clutch, shifter and RFB). Although heel and toe downshifting isn't something which translates well to the family bus.

Tracks... Well obviously the Ring has it all but I tend to go for a short lap. The Glen is great, Rouen likewise, and after feeling it should be dug up and replaced with a business park I have to admit Interlagos is growing on me with it's wide variety of turns and bumps. Willow Springs as well is another one.

By all means download others laps for comparison but don't use other drivers laps from your replays. The braking points etc are out of sync due to the latency across the connection. (Using the oAo server replay is fine, just not yours).

That's all I got.


In Topic: Brm Or Honda?

20 December 2017 - 02:08 PM

Voted but to embarrassed to say which way. ;)


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