S21 - Round 4 - Schottenring

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#1 Michiel Pompert

Michiel Pompert

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Posted 07 April 2018 - 10:38 AM

I should stop being the first to write a post race report heh :P

Having come in hot from Amsterdam before the race, and a few days of not driving much I was happy to have done a good first hotlap immediately in Q. 5:00,5 felt like it could be another second off with more tidy lines but it was more than good enough this time to start in front, I don't remember how long ago that has been! :D

Opening laps I knew I wanted to build a gap, I am most comfortable on colder tyres and the setup was aimed at a fuller tank as well so it was silent quite fast. But after 2-3 laps I saw on pitboard Rob was still stealthy right behind me at 3 seconds, so I couldn't rest at all, knowing he usually is more cautious in the beginning laps. Slowly as the tyres warmed and the car started to react differently under braking I knew I started to be more insconsistent under braking and at times small slips running wide meant Rob slowly was closing in, until a poor braking effort into Poppestruth really got us together properly, it looked set for a battle royale.

Sadly this lasted only half a lap as going into lap 8, the car was even more unstable under braking, I think I didnt apply enough throttle on the blips and the car was now too far to the left going into the chicance to get out of it in good shape, first a bump into the wall on the left and then smashed hard into the wall on the right at the exit, and rolled to a stop, with wheels missing. Totally gutted but I can say I tried hard and really wanted to go get that win this time after a few unlucky chances last year in the Lotus.

Not to be sadly, and seeing we had pulled almost a minute away from the rest by that point shows just how much on the pace we were.

Many grats Rob for bringing it home with maximum points, I enjoyed trying to stay in front but it wasn't to be today. You drove in your usually steady pace and were well prepared for the 11 laps and executed it professionally :)

I will have to miss the next 2 races due to a visit to Imola Motor Legend festival at the time of the Montjuic event, and then being on the way home from Kiev during Zeltweg 1971. I will see with Bruce about getting a replacement for the team as it would be a shame to lose touch in the team standings after such a steady start.

Grats to all finishers! :D
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#2 Michkov


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Posted 07 April 2018 - 10:50 AM

Not much to tell from my race, minor mistake snowballed into a major one that lost me 30-35 seconds trying to unditch my car halfway through the race. The time lost was enough to let Frank and Enrique through. I managed to haul in Enrique quick enough and was closing the gap on Frank but ran out of laps.

Tristan and Michiel being the only retirements aside of my timemate swept me up the ranks in the end. I expected much more DNFs, well done to all finisher.
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#3 Robert Fleurke

Robert Fleurke

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Posted 07 April 2018 - 11:14 AM

Great effort Michiel, and thanks for the challenge towards this race! Always knew you would be the guy to beat, even when I pulled off 4 sub5 laps during the week in the BT24. ;)

Didn't feel well before the event, heartburn. In quali had a lapse in my outlap thinking about stuff and wrecked. Had to wait for the last 5 minutes, and also being patient to find a gap to start the lap. It was a great disciplined effort, making sure to set a time, and also good enough for the front row. That saved the day in hindsight.

After a disciplined start I made a mistake towards Schotten, downshifting to 1st instead of 2nd gear. Michiel immediatly got a gap, and Tristan was close behind. After that pulled away from Tristan and Michiel  had a 3s gap after the first lap. This gap stayed the same first laps with similar laptimes, but I went faster each lap, building up my race and laptimes. At the same time Michiel started to struggle a bit with the tires and made a mistake braking before Poppestruth. Almost ran in the back of him, and decided to keep a little gap, manage my driving and not to force the issue. In the lap after that Michiel sadly spun out at the first chicane after s/f. Checked up and avoided him, and it was a wake-up call. I have spun out there a few times as well during the week. Anyhow, my focus was good after that, only pushed in one lap for fast lap, the other laps were simply managing the car and trying to bring it to the finish.

Had done a longer run with the racesetup this week, something I hardly do normally. I knew my racesetup was very managable as long I wouldn't push too much. Pushing on entries would mean overheating fronts, and pushing on exits too much would overheat the rears, especially left sides. I'm happy with my drive, but not sure passing Michiel if he had kept it on track. I wasn't going to push it too much making a risky move.

So basically another lucky win, but I'm happy with my drive, especially since I wasn't feeling 100%. Those couple of 5m01ish laps midrace were particularly good, closing up with Michiel.

I'm happy with another win for the team, yet also feel the pain of Michiel. Also missed Roy. Great job Iestyn and Ed, and finishers. Impressive finishing rate. Commiserations to the retirements. Thanks all for racing, and thanks for organizing! :)

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#4 BurtAugust


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Posted 07 April 2018 - 04:22 PM

It was pretty clear to me that I didn't have the pace to keep up here.  Best I could do with low fuel was around 5:20 and being careful with the engine and doing a pace i could be consistent  I was around 5:26-27.   So my strategy was to make sure to finish.

Start went OK but I couldn't keep up with Doni and Dag quickly caught up to me.   I kept plugging away averaging about 5:30s not taking chances and short-shifting, trying to keep the engine temp out of the red.  Made two small mistakes making slight contact a couple of times which didn't seem to hurt the car's handling at all.  Ended up trailing the pack but in 10th  with no damage to the car.  Is a fun track to drive for sure but nowhere to rest at all.

Congrats to Robert,  Ies and Ed.

Wish I had taken Pepe's bet.  Over 75% of the field finished.

#5 MGL66


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Posted 09 April 2018 - 07:43 AM

Too many mistakes. After jumping Ed off the start line, one mistake heading toward the Serpentine on lap 2 allowed him to catch up, and another after Rudingshain on lap 8 allowed him to pass. In between I ran wide on at least 4 exits, lightly scraping along the wooden fence, causing a little more damage each time. The steering never went cockeyed, but I did sense a little less overall grip as the race progressed. It was an uncharacteristically sloppy performance for me, made all the more mysterious by the fact that none of these sections of track had given me any problem in training.

Nevertheless, the battle with Ed was fun. His tidiness and consistency kept him near at all times. Ultimately it was the tidiness and consistency that earned him the final podium position. Good job, Ed!

Congratulations also to Robert for another championship-caliber performance, to Iestyn for a steady 2nd, and to the whole field for an impressive finishing rate.


#6 Ed_Cullen


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Posted 09 April 2018 - 11:41 AM

1st Off thank you Bo for getting the server sorted for the race. It wasn't looking good there for awhile.

After a disappointing result last race, I wanted to just finish this race. Had a PB in Qualy with put me in 5th,

Micheal beat to turn 1 which I was happy about, so I could then just then just focus on hitting my marks and
getting the Red car to the finish.
Amazing how close Micheal and mine times were though the whole race, like we had a piece of rope joining both cars,
never more then a second a part.
So the next 6 laps holding down 6th was just trying to keep in touch with Micheal with the Brabham and Ferrari have difference
strong points on the track.
Than Mike had a off up to 5th and next lap 3rd MP and TB had to retire their cars. Didn't take Mike long to catch up again and the battle
continued right to the end a car length apart. Great race Micheal made the hour go so quickly, pressure the whole hour.

Championship competition between the G6's is going to be very tight the season.

Great win Rob and Iestyn for second.

Big Shoot out to Dag the new driver for his 1st race finishing on the lead lap in the HONDA

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