Practice Session Saturday 11-14

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Posted 13 November 2009 - 11:19 AM

I'll host another open practice tomorrow, Saturday 11-14-2009. This session will feature the exact same settings we'll have on Sunday, so I can gauge how the time allocated for practice/qual and race works out. That means long race, shorter practice session.

no password again - we hope to recruit more of the oval fans to give this a shot all season long. Last night we recruited 3 more drivers just because the session was public. I will give out the Sunday password via pm on iRacing today, so that we are all set. The password should remain the same all season long unless you are notified of a change.

practice session begins 5:45pm Eastern

private qualifying, best of 4 laps, starts around 6:45pm Eastern

race 120 laps - grid about 7:00pm Eastern

resets/fast tows are allowed, yellows are obviously on. Pit speed is 55mpp. Pit exit is after Turn 2, pit entry after turn 4 (i.e. no need to use the apron on pit entry approach)

This allows for a maximum of 2 hour 45 minute race to cover the 300 miles. I think we should be able to run up to 33% under yellow and still make it 100% distance before the 4 our session ends. Nobody wants this much yellow, so let's get there faster. The 100 lap race with 7 cautions took 1:51 hours last week.

Note for all those not familiar with yellow flag restarts - the lapped cars have to line up behind the pace car in the left lane. To not have them go there somebody on the iRacing Forum suggested that all lapped cars "speed thorugh the pits" under the yellow, which will put them "a the end of the longest line" and not next to the leaders on the inside before Turn 1 at the restart. We will test this on Staurday, so be prepared that when you are lapped to have to go through the pits every time there's a yellow, break the speed limit, and then line up in the back where  the pace car info box tells you to go. If this works, it will become official rule on ovals.

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