Dallara Season 1 Schedule And Rules

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Posted 05 November 2009 - 03:00 PM


Looks like on iRacing, everyone is happy to run the regular races at the time of their choosing (I do it a half dozen times a week, so I guess there's something to be said about easy access to a race when it fits your schedule).  I may give this a shot next year one more time if I can figure out how to make this more popular. There's definitely not enough interest in longer races (whimps!) to fill a field in a hosted session unless you're running a silly ovals only series.


Let's post this using Arturo's proven format as far as possible

Ok, here goes the the first version of the rules and Schedule for season 1.

1. Simulation to be used
This Division will be using the current version of iRacing's Dallara Indycar on various tracks hosted on their service. Drivers new to iRacing will need to purchase add-ons (the car and several tracks) to compete in the entire series, but there is no need for a special licsense, since we are using the "Hosted Racing" option of the serivce that lets us set our own rules of elegibility.  We admit anyone who has an established record on iRacing or in any other sim. This is not a series recommended for sim racing rookies, due to a) the expense involved and B) the demanding schedule of long races on a vast variety of tracks ranging from tight road courses to 2.5 mile superspeedway. We will accept up to 33 active drivers (max pit stalls at Road Amercia, plus a realistic field size at Indy)

All official sessions hosted in iRacing are free. Drivers do not have to purchase any hosted race sessions, however, they are all invited to do so for practice days prior to the race dates. We will start a separate track with instructions of how to announce and set up such sessions if you are interested in additional group runs.

2. Races
All races will consist of at least 90min open practice, a qualifying session that will range from 15 minutes on ovals to 45 minutes on road courses. There is no warm-up session available yet for hosted events, so after Qualifying it goes straight to the grid - make sure you get your setups changed over before this happens.  The race begins right after qualifying and there is no admin option to delay the start or trigger a restart. Be ready to race at the end of Qualifying!

All races will take place on a Sunday, according to the Schedule. The actual race session will begin approximately at 8:00pm US Eastern time, which means the practice may begin as early as 6:15pm eastern time (we will maximize the 4 hour session time iRacing allows, but you can arrive whenever it works for your schedule). Qualifying will be at about 7:45pm Eastern or later (oval qual is a shorter session), all timed so that the race grid happens at about 7:00pm. You can race even if you miss the qualifying as long as you enter the server before the grid is called. We cannot delay any session once it is launched hours before the race begins. Check the schedule posted here
for more accurate times of each event's practice begin.

Race sessions will be identified as "AtlasF1 Dallara Series" in the hosted races area on iRacing
Race distances will be given in laps. There is no timed race option in iRacing.  
The password to access the server will be send to each driver through a PM at this forum, or via the iRacing forum. The password will remain the same for future races unless you are notified of a change.

You will need to register at the Speedgeezers forums to race with us.  We prefer if you also use your real name or at least the name you use on iRacing at the forums, but this is not mandatory.

3. Schedule

(lap counts are subject to change once we get a feel for how fast the car is on each track). Tracks are chosen to minimize initial expense for all who don't have all the add-on tracks. Indy is only available in week2 of the season, so we had to place it early on the calendar, but we'll make use of the road course as well, making this track a pretty decent value. After Indy, all races up to the Dec. 13 race at Infineon are hosted on tracks the base account on iRacing provides access to. After that date you will probably know if you want to stick with the league and purchasing content to continue on the calendar may become necessary. We recommend you purchase all tracks you plan on purchasing at the same time, because iRacing discounts bulk purchases.

Schedule/Calendar link

4. Race Format and Starting procedure

Pace car and rolling starts are enabled on road courses and ovals. Keep a safe gap between yourself and your grid neighbors and follow the pace car instructions on your screen. Note that pace car is slow (65mph) and you should not pass it as the leader until the screen message allows you to do so. From that point on, the driver on pole sets the pace until the green flag waves. Always remember that our races are long and there will be time to pass even after a restart. Safe racing is a priority.

Full course yellows on ovals at iRacing follow old NASCAR rules, but those really don't work well for these fast open wheel cars. iRacing's logic asks lapped cars to move up to the inside line behidn the pace car with 2 laps to go. We ask that all lapped cars ignore all these requests and stay in line where they were asked to line up before the order to move ahead is issued. If you happen to be on the lead position as a lapped car because leaders pitted and you remain the car on point while lapped, please drive through the pits (if you speed you get put at the very end of the line as penalty, if you go normal speed, you probably end up there, too, if you do it in the last lap before green). If you still happen to be the first car behind the leader before the green flat, please just dive into the pits even then (lose half a lap), since the risk of crashes on restarts is the biggest problem for oval races. We had a major pileup in the first points race because of this. If you thnk you're fast enough to gain your lap back, you can do that even from your proper position in the line, as Yang proved in race #1.

Restart speed after the pace car peels off should remain consistant at pace speed until the lights go green. This has shown to be safer than a gradual acceleration, as the accordeon effect of that forces people to hit their brakes if they attempt to anticipate a green, and that usually has no good ending behind them.

If there ever were to be full course yellows on road courses, above rules apply there, too.

5. Championships

We will calculate points for multiple championships and post standings in this forum

Overall Champion
Oval Champion
Road Champion

Points awarded are basedon the IRL points system:

1st 50
2nd 40
3rd 35
4th 32
5th 30
6th 28
7th 26
8th 24
9th 22
10th 20
11th 19
12th 18
13th 17
14th 16
15th 15
16th 14
17th 13
18th 12
19th 12
20th 12
21st 12
22nd 12
23rd 12
24th 12
25th 10
26th 10
27th 10
28th 10
29th 10
30th 10
31st 10
32nd 10
33rd 10

pole 1 point
most laps led 2 points

Results and points will be tracked on this external site with only summaries being posted in this forum:


6. Chat / Voice Chat
Voice chat is recommended (at least enable listening mode) for practice and especially for the race in case we need to modify the procedure (as in restarting without actually restarting the race server). Use of voice chat in qualifying and during the race should be limited to the absolutely necessary, such as warning drivers of stalled cars on the racing line, etc. Text chat should be employed the same way. Pit in/ Pit Out messages are not really necessary if you run the proper F3 display that shows you where cars are on the track in relation to you.

7. Incidents and Protests
If you feel an incident has unfairly affected your result then it's your responsibly for bringing it to the attention of the League Admins by submitting a protest. A description of your incident is required together with a replay of the incident.
While normally the Admins will only review protested incidents, it is in his rights to review anything that took place during qualifying or a race. If an offense is serious enough, a penalty may be issued without a formal complaint being filed.
All complains/protests must be send to the Admins up to 24hs after the race is finished.
Penalties can range from just issuing a warning, to adding seconds or laps to a driver's race results, to loss of points, disqualification, suspension and banishment from the league. If you were involved in any incident, it is recommended to save a replay, even if you don't plan to protest. You may be asked to show your point of view.

8. Race Reports
All drivers are encouraged to post his comments about each race, either positive or negative. However, we will not tolerate any flame wars. If somebody would want to discuss an incident in public, it is ok, BUT keeps flames out of the thread. That discussion/analysis must be useful to avoid other incidents, not to find a guilty of charge.
All other AtlasF1 Legends League rules are in effect.

This is version 1.3 of the iRacing Division rules. Any edits and changes will be marked here with a comment and date.
Updated Schedule - race distances edited, and Watkins Glen Boot added for omitted Dec 20 date.
Add link to Series scoring on external site. Nov 16 - added full course yellow restart procedure information.
Changed schedule to match iRacing Dallara series - Dec 2

last update - Dec 14 - season canceled.

Edited by Peter Burke, 14 December 2009 - 11:42 AM.

#2 Arturo Pereira

Arturo Pereira

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Posted 06 November 2009 - 06:04 AM

Great post Peter !!  :thumbup:

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Posted 07 November 2009 - 06:46 AM

Hey Peter!  Thanks for the work getting the league together.  Just a quick post to let you know I'm registered on this forum.  May not make tonight's open session, but definitely will be in the test race tomorrow.

#4 Peter Burke

Peter Burke


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Posted 11 November 2009 - 12:39 PM

calendar updated, link to external scoring site added below points table.

#5 Peter Burke

Peter Burke


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Posted 14 December 2009 - 11:44 AM


bummer, but it's too expensive to host further sessions with 2 cars on the grid

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Posted 20 December 2009 - 01:58 PM

Txs Pete anyway!!!!

Perhaps next year!

Happy holidays to all.My best wishes to your families!


#7 Peter Burke

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Posted 20 December 2009 - 05:14 PM

View PostIgnacio Genta, on Dec 20 2009, 01:58 PM, said:

Txs Pete anyway!!!!

Perhaps next year!

Happy holidays to all.My best wishes to your families!


happy holidays to you, too

Personally, I think hosted racing is going to go bust on iRacing. A few leagues may actually survive, but those are probably going to be the NASCAR oval things where those who are too impatient to get a proper license get to drive the big cars. Everything else seems to have a very hard time attracting drivers. There'll be a few special events maybe, but I don't see this becoming a big segment of iRacing after watching it now for 2 months.

If they gave the host some admin rights so you could run these things as public races, allow for a possible restart or booting of yahoo drivers, then there may be more action in hosted races, however, as it stands right now, you have to go and find a group of drivers who is willing to race at a special time, while they can go and find races on iRacing at any time that fits their schedule. Unless you can do stuff in hosted racing that isn't offered in regular racing, I dont'see much of an attraction to it any longer. Multi-class long distance racing would be one cool thing, since those races are something you wouldn't find on a regular iRacing calendar.


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