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#1 Tomy AFX

Tomy AFX


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Posted 11 August 2018 - 09:16 AM

first to post !   So first to DNF... :wounded1:

  Good qualif , good start but stuck in the balls after a third of a lap .  Next time ...  :wiggle:
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#2 MK3424


    Kayo M.. Camera man

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Posted 11 August 2018 - 09:22 AM

Game froze on the first lap, when i was doing well...

2nd time it happened to me....

Almost smashed my kayboard out of frustration....

Mood: pissed off!!!

Small note: no video recordings... :(

I had issues with the recording software casuing it to crash GPL...

I did manage to record some of the practise.... but that video renderer setting in combination with the actual race.. causes the game to crash when i'm trying to join the lobby...

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#3 daniel0099



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Posted 11 August 2018 - 09:33 AM

Bad qualif but had improved my race position when I had a FREEZE when Andrew crashed badly just in front of me...FRUSTRATING!!!

#4 Pepe Higdon

Pepe Higdon

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Posted 11 August 2018 - 10:09 AM

I've no one to blame but myself. I didn't feel right this morning for some reason. I called the Psychic Hotline for help.

"Psychic Hotline? You know why I'm calling, right?"

"Of course. I'm afraid this isn't going to work out for you today. I don't see that you'll go much more than five laps."

In the practice pre-qualifying I couldn't do anything right. On the last lap, however, I could do no wrong (at least viewed from my rather modest standards). I chunked through the corners like Oliver Twist running from the cops with a 5:48.54, a PB by 2.5 seconds. Psychic Hotline, my ass.

About 60% of the way through the first qualifying lap I managed to slide off the track. I didn't hit anything, but although I'd downshifted and was still sliding at less than a geriatric's walking speed, I came up next to a bale. We were immediately pronounced man and wife. I swear, I could not have touched that thing with more than 0.0024 foot/pounds of force, if that. So confused and distracted was I that I immediately did a SHFT-R and began another lap. At some point during that lap I realized that I was breaking about 26 different rules, so I left the server, returned, changed my helmet color, and waited for the five-minute mark. I got one lap in and was gridded 10th. That was a lot of drama for a mundane starting position, I thought.

On the sixth lap I slid out going through the first village, flipped upside down, and called the Psychic Hotline to renew my annual membership.

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#5 Bo Bruce

Bo Bruce

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Posted 11 August 2018 - 10:31 AM

qual - a good lap in progress (5.46+) when i spun ~ ended up starting 9th from 5.58 1st Q lap
race - at the start was able to jump RonnieN for 8th and then saw 3 offs ahead so by end of lap1 i was p5

George C must have been one of those as he came back strong about mid race and hounded me for a lap - respectfully, but RIGHT THERE :)
i finally caved to the pressure and slid wide - he was by - thank me very much :P

shortly after i went wide in those fast bend corners... the 2d one i think, and hit a 'tree/bale' head on! no idea how i was able to continue, and then struggled with 'should i stop or not?' for 2 or 3 laps.. then on last lap i was down to 2.5 gal and not sure i'd make it - so with a +30 on RonnieN i pitted for a splash and go :)

glad this one is over!
very happy to have finished.

Pepe... doing a Sh-R in qual: you are correct, not allowed. HOWEVER! as long as you didn't improve your lap, or get in anyone's way ... you could have returned to the pits. thus saving your PB Qual time ~

"you know who this is - right?"  hahhahaaha  you are Soooo entertaining!
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#6 DDodge


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Posted 11 August 2018 - 10:50 AM

This track is certainly not my best.  Could only do a 6:13 in practice, but at least I was able to avoid any first lap pile-ups.  I made lots of mistakes, many from looking at Pribluda and losing concentration.  I was parked quietly in the woods when John lapped me.  :)

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#7 Ronnie Nilsson

Ronnie Nilsson

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Posted 11 August 2018 - 10:56 AM

Given my so far frustrating season, I had put in more practice for this race than for any other.  I did a 5:53 in qualy before my screen froze!  Came back in and fortunately, my time was still there, so I was best of the rest (9th?).  I knew my race was not against any other driver, but against the damned track, so I let two faster drivers re-overtake me, and sure enough, they sailed away out of sight.  Finished 6th, no damage.

#8 Tames


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Posted 11 August 2018 - 12:35 PM

This was one of those days you know when you wake up you're not as hot as want to be. Qualy was 6 seconds off my Pb and  I felt really unsure. Race started off OK, Bob jumped ahead of me at the start but had a moment halfway through the first or second lap. I knew right away that stying in second place would be extremely difficult, Bob was chasing me around with less than 50 mars between us. My first off took care of that. I settled in third and saw that behind me there was no threat. So I started to feel a bit comfortable. 2 laps later I was looking at pribula stuff and completely missed the turn to the finish, spun with 250+ and was absolutely sure my race was over. But somehow I came to a standstill without any damage and drove very cautiously to the finish line from that. Sometimes you need a little luck I guess. Very happy with third, the teams needs every coin we can get our hands on.

#9 Bob Simpson

Bob Simpson

    The Answer Man

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Posted 11 August 2018 - 03:56 PM

I had a good start, jumping Tames, as he said.  I thought that I’d be sailing along OK, but went into the ditch half way around lap 1 and Tames got past me. In hind sight, it seemed better to be hounding Oud, rather than him hounding me. He had an off into the hay bales which let me by and it was clear sailing from then on. Tames dropped further back and Chapman crashed, so I inherited 2nd place. I just had to keep a decent pace to the end without losing concentration which, at this track is very hard.
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#10 snafu


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Posted 11 August 2018 - 04:10 PM

I had always hoped to be strong here, having started practicing right at the start of the summer break. But I was still surprised to claim Pole so convincingly My 2nd flying lap put me into the 5:35's so I decided to throw everything at the remainder of the session and was really please to beat my previous PB and put in a 5:32.53.

I knew the start was my Achilles heal having gone for quite a tall 1st gear but once rolling was able to edge out Mick's Brabham  on the run down to Bosonohy. Over the 1st few laps I was able to use the superior speed of the Eagle to slowly pull away on the long straights although Mick was definitely recovering some of the gap through the towns and villages. I never quite lost the sound of his Brabham behind and could see the gap extend to 300yds+ and then drop back to less than 100yds during the slower corners. But I figured (Hoped) Mick was throwing everything at trying to keep in touch. I think it was a bit of role reversal of what happened to me at Spa when I was staying just close enough to Bob S to keep me interested but was way out of my comfort zone, whereas Bob was pushing but always had a bit in reserve.

Mick's pace finally took it's toll on Lap 4 and I suddenly found myself running alone with a very healthy lead over Tames and Bob S. It should have all been plain sailing from that point onwards so I eased off a bit and suddenly found myself with some very ragged laps. The slower speed upset my braking and turn in points and also let some heat out of the tyres. It completely upset my rhythm for a while. Sorry to see Roberto crash as I was coming around to lap him. I had no intention of making any pass until the next straight but he misjudged the turn trying to get out of the way and went into the trees. :(

I really like this track but I can't say I'm not glad it's now behind us. It's definitely a challenge but can't really be considered a race track. (at least not in F1 cars).

Congrats to all finishers, Bob S and Tames for the other podium spots and commiserations to the retirees.

Off to Aintree, I've not even turned a wheel there in this direction.

I started out with nothing and still have most of it left.

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#11 Baldassarri



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Posted 13 August 2018 - 02:10 PM

In such kind of track (long) the practice if fundamental, meaning  having learnt at an acceptable level the layout, at least.  Unfortunately  this was not my case, spending much effort at each corner to guess the next one.   Despite that I have to say that  this circuit is very remarkable:  excellent graphics, very fun to drive especially in the first fast section.  Another point to remark is the abrupt drop of grip outside the racing line, that procured me some touchings to the bales in the first three laps.  
Started at the grid bottom I was quite calm without pressure i  finding my rhithm.  Around half race  I saw John approaching me at an impressive speed: having well in mind that for about 8 miles it is practically impossible overtaking on this track without risk, I decided to find a secure place to stop or slow down to allow John lapping. Unfortunately, while making these thoughts I lost my concentration, flying on a tree.

No problem John, thanks for your understanding, it was a good thing that there was no consequences for you.

It was great to restart the second half of the season;  Congratulations to John for the clear win and the "triplete", as well as the podium

to the next


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#12 bobho-in


    Old Fart

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Posted 13 August 2018 - 06:07 PM

From my first lap I took a dislike to racing at a track that would have never been on the 67 F1 schedule for obvious reasons.I decided to treat it as a tour through the country side waving at the villagers.  Not to say that I didn't put my usual amount of work in learning my way around.  I tried to set a speed limit when going through the villages with no crowd control.  But even with a slow pace I lasted only 1 1/2 laps. Not happy with myself.  
Luckily the carnage in the villages wasn't as bad as it could have been.  From viewing the replay I figured about 9 people needed to be taken to a hospital. Probably a few more because of debris.  Not our finest hour.

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#13 Aljones



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Posted 14 August 2018 - 12:50 PM

Couldn't find time to practice this track and when I did, I usually crashed at the third fast left turn from starting line or would get airborne at the first fast right turn after the third village...

To make matters worst, since I was using the loaner Honda, I couldn't take part in qualifs, so I chose to start from the back, mainly to avoid making all of you guys wait for me to complete my "flying" lap... :whistling:

Had a pretty good start and gain some positions before the village then to my surprise more cars were off the road so by the end of the lap I was 10th :Eyecrazy:
from then on I started to get the hang of it and steadily improve my lap time; spun twice without damage and touched the bales once, benefit from other retirements to score 7th...

I actually enjoyed that track, did bring back the Honda almost intact, gain some coins and championship points, Life is good !

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#14 Andrew Hutchinson

Andrew Hutchinson

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Posted 18 August 2018 - 01:00 AM

Frustrating as usual. Third long track in a row where I had more than enough pace to be front  row and yet again I ended up with nothing. Waited until almost halfway into Q , did a steady banker before  hitting something lost to the past and instead of pulling off where I should have I overshot and tried in vain to do an extra lap. Time was tight to get around again to reset and along the way I slid into something else, ultimately losing enough time to end any hopes of a last ditch Q lap.

Knowing what a challenge the track posed I had tried to  get  my ducks in a row, doing all I could to garner extra coins during the break so that I could race without worry,  prepping into the early hours of Saturday morning and ended up with a decent feeling on race fuel. Ultimately I knew John would be too fast  but I figured the others were fair game provided I could get into the 38s early. The start was decent and safe by all around me  and then I decided to be that guy who gets it wrong at the first big stop. Wasn't even braking late - just too much for a short bit and couldn't get it back. I tried to ease the car around but grabbed the bales and bounced back into the track. I ended up last with a bent front axle. While Spun out I think a Brabham or Cooper made contact with me but I recorded no rear damage (sorry for being in the way).

About the only good thing at that point was that I didn't panic. At first it seemed like I might be able to get back up to George but after the first lap I was a minute down to JH and George soon became Bo. Some of the overtakes were given to me (thanks Andy and Bob) and some were well fought for. Considering I was making it up on the fly I was quite pleased with the raceability of the track layout. Prior to the start I don't think I had passed anyone here in any session. The fight  with Dan took a lap and was great fun.  A couple of corners after passing him I got a snap near the first chicane, and ended up airborne for a moment. I was completely disoriented for a while thereafter thinking I'd taken Dan out or landed on him. My race ended on lap 7 when I locked up late in the same general area and got stuck in the bales. I should have hit it harder and bounced back onto the track rather than what I did  but it is what it is at this point. The first lap damage made it difficult to get my braking right and when I did finally get a clear lap I messed up a couple of stops and ended up overly cautious in the remaining braking areas. The car had been good for a 35 so its a bit rough being 11s off but I know who to blame.

Grumpiness aside, I love these types of tracks. The sheer volume of corners and the variety keep you on your toes right way round the lap. I'd love a do-over next year.

Congrats to the finishers. JH was untouchable (again) and it was good to see Mick up there challenging as well as the return of George and Tames. I'm envious of GC getting what he did in the Honda.

See you wherever next is for me,


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