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track whit problems

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#1 efarina


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Posted 21 March 2020 - 09:40 AM

first, I say sorry roy, for accident, the shoulders in this tracks, are very dangerous.. :-(
   I have 3 frezzes in this track, in training, and 1 frezze in race,but in my mail I have the patch for fix thats problems, maybe the fix come late, and I can't reed the message,...ok, thats very bad luck for me....sorry team ....

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#2 GrandPrixYannick


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Posted 21 March 2020 - 11:08 AM

A podium with the Honda was something that never crossed my mind.
I thought a couple of top 5 finishes alone are really nice. So this result came as a pleasant surprise, but a far share of luck was definitely involved.

I qualified eigth, though technically it should be ninth if you account Roy's severe misfortune in the session.
My start was pretty good. The Brabham before me sort of stalled on the grid and I had the open space to brake later than Tristan for T1.
Things got quite hairy there, and I think I was very lucky to get out unscathed.

Running in P7 now, Iestyn did not have the best getaway and I was able to get an attempt on him on lap 3 in turn 1.
As it would turn out, we battled side-by-side for half a lap, but I felt the need to retreat at the treacherous T4 as I felt luck would run out if I kept fighting.
Iestyn got by Tristan and pull away.
Meanwhile I kept up my pace but gradually got closer to Tristan.
I had a few chances to overtake, but he was late and bold on the brakes as where I was a bit cautious and aimed for consistency and keeping it clean.

After a few laps, Iestyn struggled and dropped behind me.
Tristan was beginning to pull away until he disappeared in front of me along with Dag, prompting me to a podium position.
Iestyn behind me was pushing, but could not position himself to get a move done.
After a while he made more mistakes which allowed me to have some air, but I needed to keep pushing because Roy was playing catchup.
However, he retired with a few laps to go and at that point third place was sealed.

This race was really about survival and staying out of problems, and luck as well.
If I look at what I have written, I would have been P7 if it weren't for all the problems my competitors had.
This race I seemed to have been immune to bad luck, everything just went in my favour.

This I better not take for granted. Before you know it, I might end up destroying my Honda.
And Syracuse is next, so uhh... yeah, there's that. Better make sure I prevent my car from a visit to the garage. So far so good.

Congratulations to all the finishers, and my fellow Dutchies on the podium :)
Commiserations to all the DNFs especially the victims of a freeze.
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#3 Iestyn Davies

Iestyn Davies

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Posted 21 March 2020 - 11:16 AM

I had good Q pace for once and did a 1:17.5, before spinning off going for a 1:17.3 or 4. Second spin gave damage so I did a race run, aiming for a race pace of 1:18.3.

Race start bottlenecked into T1 with everyone side-by-side, with Tames going off on the outside. Tris passed me into T1 and I took it easy to be safe. Too easy after that - Yannick then tried to pass me for half a lap side-by-side and he almost did! :yikes: :bowdown:

Tris graciously let me by once I closed up, and I tried to chase down Tom Oud, who had spun off, doing a 1:17.9 on lap 9, but once I first span I couldn't get my focus back. Without my slow pace in the first few laps I would have had a better chance to battle with him for eventual 2nd place.

I span 3 times after lapping cars (who graciously let me by all over again), the last time of which put me behind Tris/Yannick, the scenario I badly wanted to avoid. After Tris and Dag's freeze, I was stuck behind Yannick but couldn't get close enough to try and pass on the straights.

I span off again and backed onto a tree at T6, luckily with no damage, but Roy passed by (who then appeared to get damage from the pit wall and spun off). I just wanted to bring it home after that, as I was now too far back. I did a 1:17.5 on the last lap and wondered why I couldn't do 1:17s all race. I had wanted to let Tris back past near the end too if he was still the next car behind me :cc_surrender:.
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#4 Robert Fleurke

Robert Fleurke

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Posted 21 March 2020 - 12:24 PM

Didn't get a clean lap in quali, and suffered from traffic in my best attempts. But it didn't matter for the result, Pole!

My teammate Tames had a superb quali and lined up next to me on the front row. Start was solid enough to take the lead. Was sure taking the inside line tight. Tom kept me quite honest first laps, but when I had a 3s gap he spun and lost 10s or so. From then on it was difficult to keep focus. Kept on making little mistakes like braking slightly too late and almost going off. Or touching the kerbs. Also lost some time with some lapped cars, but thanks to all anyway, it isn't easy at times.

In the end the race was quite uneventful, and kept it on the asphalt. Grats to Tom for P2, without your mistake it could have been close. Also grats to Yannick for a fine podium in the Honda! Well done finishers. A lot of attrition and grief it seems. Commiserations to the retirements, especially to Dag running in P2, getting a freeze, among others!?

Thanks for racing guys ;)

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#5 snafu


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Posted 21 March 2020 - 12:36 PM

I'm soooo glad that one is over. Never really gelled with the track at all. The layout looks fine but for me I was completely unable to find any real rhythm here. A fast safe line through "Shell Sweep" and "Malmsbury" are still a complete mystery to me, as is a fast line through "The Kink"

So qualified with race fuel and accepted my inevitable tail end grid slot adopting the Bee Gee's race strategy (ooh ooh ooh ooh stayin alive, stayin alive)... So P15 was my lot. Surprisingly 1 place behind Roy who was having a worse day then me. :(

Start went well a lot of bunching up at T1 as was to be expected, but I think we all got through ok, I managed to gain positions due to others misfortunes but quickly decided to let the faster driver who were now behind me though at the earliest opportunity. Sorry to mention it again but my shifter issue returned and I found myself in 1st instead of third at one point which caused the inevitable "Engine problem" which I had to nurse until race end. I know I have to strip the bloody thing down I just need a few spare weeks to ensure I don't miss any races, so it will have to wait until the season break. Had 1 off at the kink and was thankful that despite quite a hard hit on the wall I suffered no damage. As the race settled down I came under increasing pressure from Ed and I just didn't have the speed on the straights to fend him off so let him through. Had a coming together with Dan who went wide and took to the grass then rejoined as we were exiting the final hairpin but just a racing incident... Saw Ed disco entering the final hairpin as I was following :( and came under increasing pressure from Dan towards the end of the race where my  lack of power meant I simply couldn't get away from his Cooper, Good Drive Dan.

Congrats to the podium and all finishers.

Commiserations to the DNF#'s and disco's :(

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#6 Michkov


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Posted 21 March 2020 - 08:44 PM

First off apologies to Ed, for the bump on L2 and the miscommunication on the backstraight.

I was slow as expected, so far back on the grid that I didn't even see the flagger. But the outside of T1 proofed to be faster and had me pick up some spots. L2 saw me bumping into Ed under braking for T4 as he took avoiding action for an incident happening in front of him. Being fully committed to slowing the heavy BRM down I didn't have a chance to avoid the BRM. Lot's of spins and tangles in the first few laps saw me quickly running up in P8 which I could keep until Rob came up to lap me. I tried to time it so Ed behind me wouldn't slip through with him. I let Rob through at the start of the backstraight, Ed tried to go with Rob, but didn't have the speed to overtake me, or so I felt at the time. So I took my natural line into T8, But arriving at the haystack I found a Brabham stuck between it and my car, and off spinning me and Ed went. Lucky that nothing was bend I continued on although my P8 was gone.

Rest of the race was rather uneventful retirements would get me up the standings again, but Marcos was following me close for a while until I made a mistake and run wide at T8 with 10 laps to go. Deciding to hit the outside wall head on instead of at an angle I opened the steering. I think it may have saved me a DNF but the car was certainly bend. Which meant Doni overhauled me towards the end.
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#7 D_J


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Posted 22 March 2020 - 01:30 AM

Goddammit! Not so much as a glitch all week both on and offline. Never saw it coming. Everything was going well until all of a sudden it wasnt.

Again Im also a bit disappointed with the race pace and the Q session , a bit off from where I hoped to be. Oh well , Grats Rob , Tom and Yannick.

Off to Syracuse.

#8 Ed_Cullen


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Posted 22 March 2020 - 07:46 AM

No problem Mitch, we were all racing pretty hard. it was such a shame the track was so flaky.
Like Dag, I hadn't had a problem with the track all week,
I had a freeze in practice at the last hairpin and also the same place in the race.
It was going to be one of those races, found myself in last place lap 2 and worked myself up to 7th
before having the freeze.
Unfortally I and Doni had a coming together in turn 1, I took a tight line and we swung the gate, with my lag getting him.
sorry mate.
Later caught up on John saw a big puff of smoke coming from the back of his Brab (Good Aussie V8 still got you home ) amazing.

Awsome Job top 3

Good to see some of the backmarkers in the top 10 great job guys.

Commiserations to the DNF#'s and disco's <---me too :-(

#9 daniel0099


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Posted 22 March 2020 - 11:32 AM

Sorry John,

Thought I was leaving enough space for you to pass, but that was not enough for the slide.

#10 Tames


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Posted 25 March 2020 - 04:27 AM

What was supposed to be a great race turned out into disaster. On a positive note: very happy with the qualifying result. During practice last week me and Tom were a very close match. If only it would have lasted longer than turn 1. After that I ended up in 10th, got bumped ever so slightly form behind and then was in last. After some more effort and mistakes from my end decided to preserve the car for the team.

It took a 10k run and some beer to get over this one.

catch you later

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