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#1 GrandPrixYannick


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Posted 29 September 2018 - 10:20 AM

Pre-session I discovered that my potentometers were acting werid so I decided to clean the pedals.
After doing so the issue still persisted. To give an idea of what it was doing, you can watch here.

Needless to say, it makes it really difficult to go full throttle and control the amount of power I want to use when exiting the corner.
And that costs me approx. 2 seconds of my merit.
I thought there is some possibility to challenge some of the midfield pack in qualifying, if the throttle was perfect, but given this wasn't the case, I was more concerned with keeping the Honda behind me!

Knowing I had no chance at this point I again wanted to go for finishing ahead of the Hondas in the race.
That plan worked until I got wide at T1 about 3 laps in and I was all the way back.
Keeping up wasn't as easy as I hoped, mainly due to the throttle issues, which got a bit lesser as the race progressed.

I made one ambitious divebomb on Alex at Turn 6 which almost worked out, but I didn't let go of the brake in time and as a result, a collision occured.
At the end of the lap I gave the place back to do it the appropiate way at attempt #2. Afterwards he fell back due to the damages of the touché.

With the retirement of two drivers I finished P9.
I'm somewhat bummed because I hoped to fight for at least P8, but obviously that wasn't on the cards this time out.

Now, on to do a higher level of maintenance.
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#2 Pepe Higdon

Pepe Higdon

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Posted 29 September 2018 - 11:38 AM

The racing between Enrique/Michi and Greg/Dag was absolutely amazing. After 25 laps you could have covered each pair with a blanket at the finish line. GPL doesn't get any better or more inspired than that.

#3 Robert Fleurke

Robert Fleurke

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Posted 29 September 2018 - 12:41 PM

Quali was good pretty close to my PB. Didn't want to try too hard to hit a sub12 but rather did relax and did some race installation laps.

Start was OK, with a taller 1st gear, that I had to use in the 3 tightest turns. After 8 laps or so had a 5s gap to Iestyn, but he started to go faster. Then matched and countered him, before he sadly had electronical problems (screenfreeze, I had one earlier this week, in the last turn). Race was uneventful, however this track is a real challenge, and the car didn't feel handling that well. But happy with my drive. Thanks to the lapped cars being predictable.

Great track, but as often I miss the close racing I do have in other leagues. The handicap system "forces" me to have to win all the time, to score decent driver and teampts...

Great job Dag and Greg, well done finishers. Nice job Enrique. Commiserations to the DNFs.

#4 Michkov


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Posted 29 September 2018 - 01:56 PM

View PostPepe Higdon, on 29 September 2018 - 11:38 AM, said:

The racing between Enrique/Michi and Greg/Dag was absolutely amazing. After 25 laps you could have covered each pair with a blanket at the finish line. GPL doesn't get any better or more inspired than that.

Cheers Pepe, that was a fun run today. Thanks also to Enrique for putting up a good fight.

Let's take it from the top though. Got away as good as everyone else, may have been able to pull off a pass, but got stuck in the T1 traffic jam. Followed Frank around for two three laps, but passing into the corners is though at this place. I managed to get a run through the kink and was lining up an attempt when Frank lifted early into Canada Corner. Surprised I dropped the right side onto the dirt and had to fight to slow the car down while keeping it under control. In the end this led to me taking the escape road instead of attempting to make the corner.

This excursion lost me two places, one I regained quickly going down the front straight, the other was Enrique which turned into a 20 lap battle. Initially he was 7 seconds up, which I could close over the course of 14 laps. Once on him I was faced with problem that he had a very good exit out of the final corner. Even with the Eagles power I had to do it on another part of the track. I figured I got 5 laps to study and put him under pressure.

Turns out that I had the advantage from T6 until the penultimate corner and after some laps I got a run through T7. Enrique took the middle line into T8, i went for the outside and caught the grass verge. Again lucky to keep control of the car I only lost a second or two. At that point I had the track somewhat figured out and managed to claw back the gap in 2 laps with a mighty S1 and was on EF by T5. That lap or the next the pressure got to him and he lost the rear into T8 just enough to let me put the Eagle beside the Brabham heading into the Carousel. Sure the next 3 corners are to the right and I'm on the outside of all of them, but there are 2 laps to go and I have no intention off conceding the place I worked so hard to get, neither is Enrique, so side by side into the Carousel we go. Managed to get through it too and by the time we got to the Kink I had the spot.

Managed to get a comfortable gap, just to hit the gate on my shifter going down the gears for the final time into Canada. Somehow managed to hold onto the car and bring home P5.

All in all happy with the results. I was even able to catch Mike from what Pribluda told me which is always a good sign.

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I just wanna race

#5 D_J


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Posted 29 September 2018 - 03:15 PM

Hats off to you Robert for your outlandish and mind boggling pace. You make it look like the easiest game in the world. A fine win. Grats.

Grats Greg on the podium and thank you for one of if not the most intense battle Ive been in while driving this sim.

Commiserations to those who didnt finish , especially teammate Iestyn who suffered a disco from P2 , tough luck.

P4 after Qualifying was more than within the realms of my own expectations and jugding by the lap times it was looking like it was gonna be a tough day at the office with Greg in front and Michael behind me. These two were my prime targets today considering the standings in the team championship and I hoped I could steal some points off one of them , possibly both ,  and then Iestyn could try to do something about Robert. Simple plan.

Didnt exactly fly off the line so I was under immediate pressure by Michael going into T1 but fortunately for me Greg was doing the same to Iestyn so Michael didnt go for the gap allthough it was definetly there for a sec so already by T1 Im pushing the outside line on cold tires with teeth and buttocks clenched and we are 15 s into the race.

From there I looked twice at the board for the rest of the race, it was pretty clear cut what this race was gonna be. Pushed like crazy to hang with Greg in the first laps. It wasnt coasting at the back and planning a move , I was driving for dear life and Greg almost got away from me but I managed to hang on by my fingernails. Then he goes off on L11 as we come out of the long right hander , couldnt believe it and completely drew a blank for a second and almost went off myself. From my angle it looked pretty bad as he veered off the track and for a sec I thought that it was a race ending crash for him. It was like I came up for air for a second but was immediatly pulled back under as I saw in my mirrors that Greg shrugged it off like it was nothing and I could hear the high pitch eagle scream approaching. Shit , he is still there. Had a tiny gap and drove the wheels off the car to keep it but Greg was reeling me in and I knew it. I had also gathered that Iestyn was out so it was up to me to bring something home from this race , that didnt exactly help on the pressure.The last laps I was disintegrating under the pressure and thought I had opened the door a couple of times but it held together for just long enough. Never been so happy to see the checkered as today. Never been so exhausted and drained after a race. One for the books Greg , thank you for a great battle.

I think what sets this race apart for me is the team dimension of oAo. Usually I show up and do the best best I can and take what the race leaves me , now as we find ourselves locked in a battle for a team championship it becomes an entirely different animal mentally. Three and a half  to go , its gonna be tight. Fantastic stuff. :yahoo:

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#6 JMF


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Posted 30 September 2018 - 08:30 AM

Congrats Rob and Dag! Nice drive guys.

That was fun. Dag kept me busy almost the entire race. You've gotten better since the first times I've raced with you. I wish I had had a few more laps. I might have found a way around you. I got one opening at T2 but you warped a little and I had to slow more to leave some extra space. My biggest concern was finishing so I was careful not to do anything stupid.

That was some bad luck for Iestyn and Michiel. :( It was unlikely anything was going to keep Iestyn from taking P2. Michiel your connection was horrible. I didn't know it was so bad until I watched the replay. That was some good work in the Cooper.

It's kind of a shame Rob couldn't take the Brabham. Iestyn would have hounded him well and Dag and I may have stayed somewhat close. It's wise that he didn't. He's got a championship to defend and his team needs him to win. Sometimes I forget that Rob is a man and not a well tuned machine. Very impressive work Rob and I'm glad to see your running another season. I'll have to pay more attention to the other results.

It nice to see Iestyn doing better. A lot of his former speed and consistency has returned. You still seem a bit weak on your start and opening lap. It's a shame your connection failed you. I saw you disappear twice after the Corvette bridge. I worried it was my connection until I was able to see that Dag wasn't warping when Iestyn was.

Dag, dastardly Dag. He was fast enough to keep me from getting in a good rhythm. I felt he was making up too much time under heavy braking, so I started trying to brake a little later. That didn't help me. It did help him to close sooner. The only place I felt I had an advantage was exiting the Carousel and through the next turn. So I pressed my luck there and almost ruined my race. I never spun there or hit anything in all my practice. I knew the danger there. I ended a race in the Cooper the exact same way. I'm glad the Eagle managed to survive that mistake. The car went through T11 decent after the contact but it felt strange. The run through Kettle Bottoms had me worried. I braked early for Canada corner and when the car still went through the turn decent I thought I could still finish. It took me 4 or 5 laps to forget that the car felt a little weird.

After the damage, I was careful not to push the car much. Within 2 laps, my main focus was finishing and not causing further damage. I still abused the drivetrain more than I liked at times. Near the end of the race, I was building a nice head of steam. It's a shame my long gearing seemed to be handicapping my entrances onto the two long straights. I was never able to get much of a tow from Iestyn or Dag. I needed it if I was ever going to pass.

It was nice to see Micheal get a solid finish. If he had a better computer, I think he could have used the Eagle more effectively than I did. I saw him in my mirrors much longer than I liked.

Thanks guys, see you next time.
Greg Taber

#7 MGL66


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Posted 01 October 2018 - 09:27 AM

Unfortunately for me, GInetto's gorgeous Road America causes a little trouble. Even with graphics reduced to 640 x 480, I experienced a frame rate reduction to @25-27fps approaching the Start/Finish line as well as reductions in a couple other corners to @30-32fps. The biggest fps drop occurred as I pointed the car to apex of T14, where I was getting a measly 18-19fps for about 2 full seconds. That was very noticeable, and it meant that I was never going to get ideal exits onto the main straight. I can’t know how much it hurt my lap times, but it certainly didn’t help.

With that in mind, I insisted that Greg take our Eagle. I knew how choppy things were while training alone, but I didn’t know how much choppier they’d be while running in a full pack of cars. I figured that that unknown made my risking our better car inadvisable. So I went into this race with limited expectations, prepared to simply drive conservatively and finish.

Then during the pre-race practice, I experienced problems with my sound system. My speakers' power cord was shorting out. I searched frantically around the house for a replacement cord (missing the practice start in the process), but found none that fit. Plugging the headphones directly into the front of my computer solved the problem. There wasn't enough slack in the headphone cord, but it would work for a day.

By the time qualifying started, I was mildly on edge. That didn't seem to hurt, though, as I set a new personal best, a 2:14.88, good for 5th on the grid.

Off the start line, I out-dragged Dag’s Eagle toward T1, but did not move over in front of him to take the spot. The replay showed not only that the space was there, but that Dag's RR wheel appeared briefly in my mirror – I could have taken the spot. But I missed him in my mirror, and at the moment of decision, I held back, remembering that I had resolved specifically to take no risks on this day. If I had taken the spot at that moment and held it even for a lap or two, that might have helped open up some space for Greg, who ended up having a race-long battle with Dag for (what ended up being 2nd spot). I'm sorry, Greg. I missed an opportunity to help out.

But instead, I settled into 5th place. For the first 5 laps, Michiel put up a valiant effort to stay close in the underpowered Cooper. He made life difficult in that his connection to the server was particularly poor. HIs car was jumping around, sliding left and right in my mirrors such that I never really could tell his exact position on the track. It was distracting until I opened up a small gap on lap 5, shortly after which he disconnected.

By mid race, Greg had surrendered 3rd place to Dag, Iestyn had disconnected from 2nd place, moving all of us up one, and the gaps in front and behind me had lengthened somewhat. All I needed to do was stay out of trouble and go home with a 4th place finish. When all was said and done, that’s exactly what happened.

But it did not come without some distraction. There was a stink bug in the room. He crawled into my field of vision on the table in front of my steering wheel. During one of my trips down the main straight, I reached in front of me and flicked him across the room and out of my vision. About 10 minutes later, he reappeared, this time on my desk lamp, even more brightly illuminated. He was crawling back and forth on the underside of the fluorescent bulb holder, but he looked much bigger than before. Because I could not allow my concentration to wander far from the computer screen, I couldn’t get a really good look at him. For a while I wasn’t sure that there weren’t two of them linked together somehow. (Was it two stink bugs mating? How do stink bugs mate? I’m not Isabella Rossellini, how the hell should I know?) It turned out that it was not two stink bugs, but just the original one. When I flicked him away, he must have landed in a pile of debris on the floor. He got entangled in a dust bunny that had a small piece of string or thread in it. He then dragged the dust bunny with the string back up the table leg and toward the light. Unable to examine him closely, I thought that the string was an extra long antenna.

Without that distraction for the second half of the race, I might have turned better laps. But no matter. I brought the car home for a safe 4th place finish. No damage to the car. I think I could not have finished any better even without the distraction. So mission accomplished.

A great, classic track. Congratulations to all finishers and commiserations to Iestyn and Michiel for their misfortunes. See you in Atlanta.


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Posted 01 October 2018 - 02:59 PM

as it says, michkov -
   was a great race and battle against an eagle that mysteriously, at the start of the main straight was faster BT than weslake. ???
  I had everything to take care of my position after the attacks of this "dan gurney" and I knew that I had 1 weak point which could be overtaked me.
   and that point was the entrance to turn 8, I protected the race line by putting myself in the internal line to prevent mich from "stealing" that precious 5 position, and I result, but missing 2 laps to finish, I went a little longer in the braking, and the "blue fast" took advantage to leave me 6 and so finish.
  A nice race mich, thank you very much for making this simmer the best thing that could happen to me.
  Congratulations to my teammate for his victory and well we will continue fighting to try to stay in the top 5 at the end of the season.
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Posted 01 October 2018 - 03:01 PM

View PostPepe Higdon, on 29 September 2018 - 11:38 AM, said:

The racing between Enrique/Michi and Greg/Dag was absolutely amazing. After 25 laps you could have covered each pair with a blanket at the finish line. GPL doesn't get any better or more inspired than that.

  thats right pepe, what a fantastic fight,
  those things do the because I love the GPL
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#10 Michiel Pompert

Michiel Pompert

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Posted 05 October 2018 - 09:05 AM

I hadn't driven till just before the race once again, but during Q I seemed to find my stride with the track and suddenly gained massive time on my last lap when I put all the rights corners together. The 15,2 was even with running out of fuel by Canada corner, spluttering over the line and I couldn't believe the time was what it was and good for P6 after looking like it would be a P8/9 most of the session. That would have been P3 without the mishap surely.

However maybe it was good I didn't have a lot of fast guys on my tail because for some reason the connection was truly horrible. On cold tyres I had to pace myself whilst the guys ahead got up to speed to avoid getting them into trouble with me. Michael even noticed in his mirrors how I appeared to warp around so it must have been quite hard to race, glad I didn't get too close before the disconnect took me out. I saw the group ahead of me moved sideways in most long corners, especially in the Carussel so that must have been your view of me too.

It seems since a couple hours later internet here is stable again and the problem wasn't inside my house even if a new modem was installed a few days before the race, however I will want to test it tomorrow if possible with a crowd around me whilst D2 prepares for the race. Rather not cause risks for the field by participating with this kind of issue.

Grats to the podium and good to see a lot of people had great battles around this awesome track! See you guys next time :)
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