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22 May 2021 - 04:04 PM

Started 4th, and finished there, Alex was 5th at the start but was quicker than me, drafted past going into turn 1, after that he and Arturo had a coming together and that ended his race, Arturo that is, so that really was my race, good result for the team, and of cause for Alain.

Next race? the streets of Porto,    Regards Tim.

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15 May 2021 - 12:09 PM

Had about two hours warning of this, with both Lasse and Alain unable to attend, so had no intentions of trying to compete, just stay out of the way, which I hope I did, except in an incident with Lestyn late on, where I think he might have been a little too impatient, but there is no damage to our car, but Iím thinking quite a lot to Lestynís pride, was doing all I could to get out of the way, but on most of those corners on the back side of this circuit there is just no where to go, sorry for the way it turned out for you.

The peloton passed me twice, you guys certainly donít hang about, and talk about jumping the kurbs? Where dose the track end?

So this is a first for me, and with any luck the last He He.

                             Regards Tim.

In Topic: S24 Race 6 Montjuic

09 May 2021 - 01:47 PM

Dick Dastardly, Hmmmm, might pick that up as a new nick name,  Tee Hee.

No offence taken Robert, good to see there is still humour left in oAo after all the discussion regarding Kayo and Pepe at Jerez.

                      Regards Tim.

In Topic: S24 Race 6 Montjuic

08 May 2021 - 01:58 PM

So this was interesting, started on 5th, and that went ok, no twitches, no mad moments, every thing good, famous last words.

Lap two, so hereís where every thing goes wrong, at that first right hand hairpin, now let me say this right from the start, I was not trying to overtake anyone, just lost the stanav at the wrong moment, completely lost concentration, but there was a gap right at the moment I needed it, just lucky really.

Like to know exactly what Alex was thinking right then, scared the bejesus out of him I think, so Iím now sitting in the runoff waiting for a gap, OK still waiting, Yeah still waiting, right, now last, must be ok then, stonebonkers last, well here we go then, this was really go fun actually, most saw me coming and gave room for the pass, well I think thatís what they were doing, and what with the amount of retirements managed to get up to 5th for the run to the line, so despite my best attempt to destroy the top half of the field in one crashing blow we all seem to finish pretty much where we started.

                                              Regards Tim.

In Topic: S24 Race 5 Jerez

24 April 2021 - 03:26 PM

Hi all, well this was not one I was particularly looking forward to, qualifying went as badly as I expected it to, was heading for the pits when, Don, I think it was, sorry if that's wrong, clocked me from behind, but not to worry, it was never going to get that much better.

So, the race, 10th on the grid, managed to get past a Honda going into turn 2, lap 2 or 3 a couple went off, turned out to be Kayo, and Pepe, how much bad luck can one person have, so there are now two Coopers in front, well three actually, but one went off without any help, the Brabham was coming off the bend before the long back straight very well so it was only a matter of time until the chance came along and so it did.

And so it was fourth place, with only two cars overtaken in anger, and with Alain in 2nd a good result for both of us, and of cause the team, and so on to the next.

Regards Tim.

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