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Today, 02:11 PM

View Postdaniel0099, on 20 October 2018 - 02:07 PM, said:

Had a very good start but had to slow down on start not to hit the car in front. But the car behind used this opportunity to pass me.
On Lap 3 , I was close to Ronnie which I couldn't avoid when he slid. Was lucky to fell back on my feet but I lost  2 positions and had minor damages to the car.
I was able to finally pass T.Aft on lap 14 and get closer and closer to R. Nielsson and was getting ready to pass him.
But I was slowed down by K.Michiels which I was overlapping and got surprised by him, passing me, when I slowed down and moved aside to let Bo overlap me. I had to move on the grass being afraid of getting hit by K.M.
Being delayed by cars overlapping me and a car that I was overlapping I was too far away from R.N. and finally finished P8.

Really fun but very difficult track to master.I love it.

CY next,

Sorry... it was hectic at times...

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Today, 11:36 AM

View PostAndrew Hutchinson, on 20 October 2018 - 10:32 AM, said:

If you want it Kayo I'll give you my Cooper set-up. It's very fast  (21++) and D2 driveable. You have to anticipate everything here ahead of time. If you do that you'll go well.

Thanks.. but i'm starting to get the hang of setting up my car.

Currently trying out more settings than just the diff and roll bar setting.

Like now i managed to get from 1:30+++ to 1:26:70 and with a car that was enjoyable to drive (in some corners that you would deem 'normal'... unlike the rollercoaster corners that makes up this track)

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Today, 11:32 AM

View PostAndrew Hutchinson, on 20 October 2018 - 10:26 AM, said:

It can go on Kayo's blooper reel.

Yeah.... if i were to sped up the video and put the Benny Hill theme on it... it would even make it better...

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Today, 10:24 AM

Man... what the hell is with this track?

There's a reason why you would want to race on this track with a CanAm car... it's called DOWNFORCE!!!!

okay... enough raging....

On the first lap i cam in contact to a Cooper ( i think ) because he spun out in front of me and i tried to avoid him... but sadly i touched him.. sorry!!!

Later.. i was doing fine.... untill... the car bottomed out... locked my brakes and i went flying into to the barriers at turn 11... yeepee -_-

And ofcourse don't forget the spun at T1 and a loss of a wheel... great... -_-

not my favorite track and race.... you'll see it on Sunday when i'll post the video...

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Today, 04:48 AM

Okay.... igor works again... but i can't join... even though it wasable to join last night....

Now i get the 100051 error detected on network device error again..

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