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In Topic: Elkhart Lake

11 December 2018 - 12:59 PM

That is one clever idea.  I'm really impressed.

In Topic: My Top 5 Fails And Overtakes In S21

11 December 2018 - 12:56 PM

Excellent work, Yannick. Fun to watch and funnier to read.  :)

In Topic: My Top 5 Fails And Overtakes In S21

09 December 2018 - 12:31 PM

Great stuff, Rob.

In Topic: Nassau

24 November 2018 - 01:32 PM

View PostRonnie Nilsson, on 24 November 2018 - 11:11 AM, said:

Where the hell is the pit entrance??!

It was the only mistake you made all day, my friend. But as you said, you and I have gone nose-to-tail and tail-to-nose more times than we can count. Today was the closest race of all, I'm sure. We were never apart by more than two or three seconds, and toward the end even closer than that. If we'd exchanged cars at the start, I'd have been following you all day. We both know that.

I figure that I'll always be qualifying behind the G4 and G3 drivers, so my worries are directed at my G2 competitors. There isn't an easy mark in the bunch, but in online sessions during the past week Francois was getting my serious attention with 2:25+ laps in a Cooper. A Cooper? But as in Stardust, he inexplicably couldn't bring his best game to the grid today. I'll keep watching him nonetheless. His turn is just around the corner, which is fitting for a racing game.

Right off the bat I had a 2:25.76 in qualifying, good enough for fourth place. In 5th on the grid behind me was Bob Simpson and behind him, in order, were Mick, Ronnie, and Bo. I didn't waste a microsecond thinking about trying to outdrag Bob at the start. That's a fool's errand. I'd seen Mick struggle during the week online and wondered if he might still be having car or track problems. Bo, my team leader, puts Nassau near the top of his most hated list, so he shouldn't be a factor. I knew I'd lose 4th place to Bob in the first 20 meters, so my plan then was to try to hang onto 5th for as long as I could.

The start and the first few turns were mercifully without drama. Then I saw Bob's dust at the Dolphin corner, so I was back up to 4th. When I didn't see him reappear, I guessed his departure from the track had been permanent. I dug in behind Andrew, who trailed Claudio, who trailed John, the leader. Ronnie was in my mirrors, as usual. For the next five laps he and I were turning 2:28s while Andrew and Claudio were at least 1.5 seconds better. They began to disappear. On the 7th lap Claudio went off at the end of the straight, letting Ronnie and me overtake. Now I lay 3rd with 16.5 laps to go. This isn't so bad.

It took one lap for Claudio to catch Ronnie. I saw it in Pribluda. I knew the Argentinian would be coming after me. We'd done this a couple of times at Stardust, my Lotus kicking his Brab on the straights and then watching him make me look stupid in the corners. Fight him for position? I could do that. But it wasn't worth it. Even with bicycles or skateboards he's going to be faster than I am. Fourth place was better than a DNF. Three laps later at the beginning of the straight, I let him by without a fight. There were 13 laps to go. Ronnie was four seconds in my rear. Again. It doesn't get much more basic than that.

In sight of the S/F line for his last lap John went into the weeds between the track and the entrance road to the pits. That final corner had been my worst fear in practice. In threading that last corner so as not to clip the tires on the left, to avoid the grip-of-death bushes, and to resume good acceleration, I don't think the margin of error is more than a foot. I didn't even realize that I'd inherited third overall until I'd stopped after the checkered flag. The only thing I'd been thinking about for the previous 30 minutes was that guy behind me. He simply wouldn't go away. I'm thinking of filing for a restraining order against him for next year.

Some thanks are in order: 1) to my team for being so supportive and letting me have the marvelous Lotus again; 2) to the guys who let me overtake them so selflessly and gently; and 3) to the designers of this magnificent game. This was my second podium. I enjoyed being sprayed with champagne. I think I'd like to do that again. But I suppose I'll have to wait until next year. That won't be easy, but nothing about GPL has ever been easy.  :)

In Topic: S22 Suggested Rules Changes

19 November 2018 - 12:17 PM

The results of counting three drivers in a team's scoring vs. counting the top two didn't change any team's position, but it did tighten things up between Bend and Smokey, such that with one race remaining in D2 they're separated by a single point.  :)

It won't let me attach the Excel spreadsheet. How should I show the results? Email? That sounds so 20th century ...

HBR gained 36 points (231-267).
Bend gained 26 (208-234).
Smokey gained 29 (204-233).
Vulture gained 32 (170-202).
Pist'n Broke gained 18 (160-178).
ASC gained 11 (128-139).
Heavy Metal gained 2 (110-112).

Of the individual drivers Mick Chapman gained the most at 18. Greg picked up 12, Dag 11, and five others added 9.

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