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17 March 2019 - 07:47 PM

View PostD_J, on 17 March 2019 - 10:11 AM, said:

Pretty straight forward to use.

But it's not quite so good at providing an accurate picture, I'm afraid. Let me take just a few examples from the last two D2 races.

At Bathurst Kayo is listed as a DNS because he froze on the grid, but GPL_Protest (the "program") nailed him for two contacts anyway. Don Dodge went into the fence but without contacting another car. Apparently that counts as a contact. I had what appears clearly to be a lag contact with Don but the program did not record that incident. Despite my name's absence in the program results, I'm listed as having one contact at Bathurst. Now I agree that I probably did have the contact, but the program didn't find it.

Punta Fria has some even weirder occurrences. The start was a circus because Tim's engine exploded on the grid. Ricardo, two cars behind Tim, was the first to react by accelerating to his right. He had the slightest touch with Ronnie's RR tire and maybe --- it's impossible to tell --- another one with my LF tire in the course of a single second. The program rates the degree ("grad" in German) of the contact apparently. Each of Ricardo's "contacts" was degree zero (0), which I take to mean that if you can actually see the dent in either car, you'll win a week's vacation in Aruba. Compare that with the 63o smash when Mick T-boned Niky, putting the poor Romanian in the hospital for a week. Incidentally, less than one second before Niky was blasted, he was nudged by Dan --- you can see Niky's car being shifted out of position as Dan's car passes by --- but the touch was so insignificant that the program didn't record it. Had it done so, the grad should have been -2o or less.

Here's my point: The program is recording touches that didn't happen, missing ones that did, and, in Kayo's case, giving contact points to a guy who wasn't even in the race. It doesn't assign blame, of course, since even we drivers often can't agree on that and are willing to start a war to prove the depth of our conviction. If it could miraculously assign fault, everyone would agree that the program would have extraordinary value. We could take the driver who'd racked up 20 contacts in five races and have an intervention. As it is now, all we have is some data that may tend to show, though we're not really sure of the exact numbers, that some of our poor fellows are either really bad or really unlucky or both. But we're not even remotely sure about that either. I'll revise that, because even though Michi is the contact points leader in D1, no one is ever going to call him a bad driver.

I spent six years of my life as a computer programmer at the U.S. Census Bureau. I still love programming and I love even more its infinite possibilities. This is a seriously clever code that can pinpoint two cars occupying overlapping space at an exact moment. My hat is off to the guys who came up with the thought. But with all due respect I do question whether the chart that we now have has any use except making the unfortunate guys at the bottom of the list feel even worse than they already do.

In Topic: Panorama - Bathurst

16 March 2019 - 11:10 AM

View PostBo Bruce, on 16 March 2019 - 10:29 AM, said:

Lapped traffic was good to us, tho i saw Don/Pepe have contact (maybe?) Don spun . . .

I've looked at the replay from every angle and cannot see that Don and I actually touched, so I reluctantly have to put this one down to lag. I'm truly sorry, Don, but although we definitely were close, I had no idea that you'd spun until I saw Bo's post-note race above. I never felt the slightest contact. :wounded1:

I qualified 6th, as expected. In the days leading up to the race I'd gotten as low as 2:04.09, and had a few more 4s along the way. But I happily took a low 5 in qualifying, and on the lap where I was coming in to reset the car for race fuel, I went upside down (for the second race in a row). Everyone in front of me on the grid was clearly faster in the long run, especially Tames and Francois, so my plan was just to pace myself ahead of the guys behind me, knowing that teammate Bo, directly behind me in 7th, would do his best to swat those flies away.

The plan worked as well as I could have hoped. Bo and I were never more than three seconds apart. I put the Ferrari on cruise control in the mid-8s and waited for attrition to do its customary, brutal work. It wasn't long before Eduardo flipped in the way that Michael Lowery had taught us. A little later I noticed that Ricardo had bitten the dust as well. That raised me up to 4th, where I finished. Bo was one second behind me at the end, though I had the feeling he could have overtaken me anytime he wanted. But we have a rule on the Vulture team: The only thing we are ever permitted to fight about is road kill.

I was happy to see that my patience and caution finally were rewarded with the award for most consistent driver. Yep, slow but sure.

In Topic: Triple Screens

12 March 2019 - 08:58 AM

Thanks, Rob. I'll try it right now. May I ask why you "regret" using GPLSA?

[An hour later: GPLShift works beautifully for all cars, without changing the default configuration and leaving the GEM FoV at 120. The F10 key does what it should perfectly. I'm stunned. Thank you so much, again.]

In Topic: Triple Screens

11 March 2019 - 09:44 PM

Thanks to the encouragement and advice of Robert and Kayo, I installed triple screens over the weekend, three 22" AOC G2260VWQ6 monitors driven by an Nvidia GTX 1070 card and display port cables. I had the usual installation woes figuring out software issues that are listed earlier in this thread, but the result was, as others have accurately described, complete immersion. I used the setup last night in a UKGPL race at Anderstorp with a Cooper and it was successful beyond my best hopes.

There remains one significant problem. The field of view (FoV) that I've set in GEM+ is 125o. That was fine for the Cooper's mirrors, but the Ferrari's mirrors are cut off at the bottom. Furthermore, using the F10 key to alternate between cockpit and arcade/helicopter view doesn't provide nearly enough of the view that I've been accustomed to with a single monitor. My entire purpose in going to three screens was to achieve better awareness of being overtaken by other cars, but now I find that I've limited myself even further. Still, I have to say, once you're driven in a three-screen setup, a single monitor pretty much looks like being back on the farm after you've seen the Champs-Elysees.

Bob Simpson in an early post here says that the FoV is capped by the game at about 120o. Entering higher values in GEM changes nothing. I agree. Eric and Robert have mentioned other software --- GPLSA, GPLShift, FovED, GLP Glance, and maybe others --- that they were experimenting with to adjust the driver's view. I haven't tried any fixes yet for fear of wrecking what I've achieved so far. I'm wondering what the current state of knowledge is with regard to making the driver in a three-screen mode more aware of his surroundings. Any help would be appreciated sincerely, and my request is especially joined by Tames and Francois who are likely to be the first to overtake me on Saturday.  :)

[Note: I am using the Letterbox patch v3, Pribluda, and a resolution of 5760x1080.]

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06 March 2019 - 09:01 AM

View PostDonnie Yourth, on 05 March 2019 - 02:01 PM, said:

Pepe...  That soundtrack cut reminded me of the [ . . .].  Don't quote me on that.

I didn't, but it was from Butch Cassidy (South American Getaway).  :)

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