S20 Mosprain

Irma makes it to Canada

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#1 Bob Simpson

Bob Simpson

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Posted 16 September 2017 - 09:18 AM

Are we crazy?  You take the toughest Racing Simulation with the toughest car mod with the tires that are sooo unforgiving and have race in the rain. Nevertheless, I’m impressed by the graphics, sound and driving experience of Mosprain.

Well, unrelated to all that, I was put out of my misery mid-way through the first lap when my engine blew up after the Hairpin.  I don’t think that I was abusing the engine before that but it looks like at that moment that it blew I hit high revs. Or maybe it was just one of those random events in GPL.
Bob Simpson
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#2 Gabriele Maruca

Gabriele Maruca


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Posted 16 September 2017 - 09:42 AM

It happens, Bob... sometimes these engines just love to blow up.

Just like my brakes can't decide if they want to NOT actually brake (sorry for the mess that happened when I got lapped, guys, just went long, I don't know what happened exactly) or outright don't work at all and send me straight into the fence. It has to be said that I got a little distracted by the Ferrari parked on the side of the straight, but I got the braking point like the laps before. They just don't want to work :/
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#3 DDodge


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Posted 16 September 2017 - 10:07 AM

What a track!  I finished, only made a couple of mistakes, and took first Honda!  :)   Good comeback from Niky and Ronnie.
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#4 Pepe Higdon

Pepe Higdon

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Posted 16 September 2017 - 10:10 AM

There are just some places that you shouldn't be allowed to enter unless you can show some sort of proof that you belong there. For example, a 13 year-old boy might be walking down the street and see a sign on a building that says "Girls! Girls! Girls!" Now we all know that the boy is not going to comprehend what that place is all about, even though he clearly understands what a "Girl!" is. He sees them every day in school, but not the way they will appear inside that building. He's just not ready for that kind of place. Give him a year or two. Then he'll understand.

And that's Mosprain for me. I was so close to doing so well, right up until the point that I saw the sign that said "Girls! Girls! Girls!" What can that mean, I wondered, the reptilian brain kicking in at 145 mph, sending me off into the weeds on the final two laps and losing three places in the process. Girls, indeed. Damn them . . .

#5 Andrew Hutchinson

Andrew Hutchinson


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Posted 16 September 2017 - 10:23 AM

For what it is worth I really enjoyed the challenge of Mosport in the rain. I had my worst race yet but it was still enjoyable due to the atmosphere. Hats off to Don and Richard. I normally race with them but they were laps ahead of me this time round. I knew that even if I had what I would consider a good race I'd likely get lapped at least once so I opted for the 1200X1000 screen that my pribluda works with but I never adapted and became quite disoriented. I stayed out of the way for the most part except for an incident in Q with Niky when he spun and Alex in the last corner at about mid way. In the latter case I'd let Ed through but misjudged where Alex was. There's a red bar that obscures the distance numerals of the car right behind and I was looking there instead of my mirrors. Sorry. Between last Saturday and today I lost about 3 seconds and crashed a whole lot more so I've definitely got my homework cut out for me come next race. Great job by the leaders - those were very good times.


Andrew Hutchinson

#6 Bo Bruce

Bo Bruce

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Posted 16 September 2017 - 10:27 AM

wow... where to start?   ok, at the back, a hearty WELL DONE to ALL drivers that were lapped.  No complaints and here, it was a must and you all did, exactly right. way to go!

track: i like mosport, ask my wife (we 'almost' stopped there once)   but i don't like Moss hairpin. not in GPL anyway.i don't think its that sharp/deep a cut.  anyone verify?  otherwise, its ok.

qual: i was surprised to be in the top 5 ..oh, i wasn't :P   top 6 then. close times and i expected trouble on opening lap.  my time was about what i expected.

race: Mick ahead on grid and Bob S behind... a well behaved start (haven't watched replay yet) and off we went. nice ~!
Mick started to build a gap, but i was being very cautious and also aware of BobS close behind.
suddenly there was nothing in my mirrors and had to look up at Pribluda because i thought a mass disco had occurred!   nope, S/F line shows Tames now back 3s or so. where'd Bob go? i wondered.
then i see  a smoking car off to the right a lap later and its Mick! ohhhh no :(    we had done some fabulous practice together, i really thought he'd be on the podium.  so i'm now 5th

and from there, other than backmarkers i saw no one. couldn't come close to Roberto (+38s at one point near finish) and i was able to build a small gap to Tames.
in fact, the backmarkers made this interesting as the challenge to overtake here, REQUIRED their attention and cooperation. got both from each and every one... fabulous!

it was quite lonely for 90% of the time, more like an extended practice. but in the end, very happy to finally relax my shoulders/back.. very tense.  pleased w/ p5

grats to Alex/podium
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#7 Tames


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Posted 16 September 2017 - 10:47 AM

I missed the Girls sign completely, otherwise I probably would have pushed harder. I considered going after Bo, but during practice every time I tried to push a bit harder, the grass was mine to explore. I'm pretty sure I have seen every corner of the scenery of this track the last week. So I settled for 7th place and only became 6th because of Bob's bad luck. Had some engine trouble along the way but managed to get back to the pits to fix it.

During qualifying I went off and Ed crashed into me since he had nowhere to go, sorry about that Ed.

All in all a great race as in my opinion. Great to be back missing out on the last few races. Congrats to the podium! On to Monza!

For those interested, tomorrow after the formula 1 race Badgers are training online.

#8 Ronnie Nilsson

Ronnie Nilsson

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Posted 16 September 2017 - 11:42 AM

Well, 17 drivers on the grid - not bad. :)  I qualified 12th, but put a wheel on the grass on L1, and ended up 16th - d'oh!  Every time I came up against opposition, they just drove off the track, so I ended up in 9th.

I can't make Monza. :(

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#9 timbo


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Posted 16 September 2017 - 12:57 PM

Well I have to say I was really not looking forward to this race, and anyone in the pre race open practice might know I was not felling great, and that included official practice, but sat out the last 20 minutes, and by the time the race started I was felling up for it.

So the race started, managed to pass a couple of cars on the first lap,  things were going okay by lap 12 or 13 I was in 7th place having started 11th so was doing my usual trick of starting  down the grid and making places, then the engine blew, but as they say, and if you read my posts, I say quite a lot, that's racing, so we, The Privateers, now have an Eagle, and 1 and a 1/2 Brabhams,  anyone want to buy 1/2 a Brabham, special offer, Ok just my sense of humour, Monza awaits.

                                      Regards Tim.

     P.S. love this track, really a great challenge.

#10 snafu


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Posted 16 September 2017 - 05:15 PM

Well after a week of going backwards time wise (I was almost into the 1:25's last weekend but was struggling to get out of the 1:27's yesterday). :orangeconfused:  I was very pleased to manage to get 2nd here. Qualifying didn't get me back to my PB but a 1:26.2 was good enough for 4th on the grid. Start went well unlike last week and settled in behind Roberto, Ed and Alex. I could see Alex had the edge and slowly extended his lead, meanwhile I was glad just to be still in the mix. Had decided to play a waiting game and run with the starting position I was dealt and see how the race developed. Roberto was the 1st to slide off stage left around Lap 6 in a mix up lapping someone and I felt comfortable closing down Ed's Cooper but just couldn't get a good enough exit out of Moss to make the speed of the Brabham pay off down the back straight. Fortunately playing the waiting game paid off in the end when finally Ed went for the power a bit early exiting Moss around lap 20 he was rewarded with a bucket full of wheel spin and I managed to out drag him down the back straight. I was able to gap him over the next few laps but completely lost my rhythm in the later stages and both he and Roberto were able to close me down a lot more than I was comfortable with but I knew from experience that catching was 1 thing passing was something else entirely here so just played it cool and held onto the 2nd place at the flag.

As a few have already mentioned those who were lapped did an outstanding job here and the little bit of patience shown by those at the front waiting for a sensible place to pass made for a really clean race overall.

Congrats to Alex, I had no answer to your drive today, and Ed for the final Podium spot along with Roberto for making my life a little uncomfortable towards the end.

On to Monza.

I started out with nothing and still have most of it left.

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#11 zzbusch1


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Posted 16 September 2017 - 07:24 PM

Well, I have to say "I love Mosport" wet or dry. I've always felt comfortable driving this track. The run downhill into Moss,the glide through Moss, and the drive out, when done right is the best feeling I ever get in GPL.

As always, I practice and Qualify with a full fuel load, so I knew I would not  start anywhere near the front here. I figured the first lap would show a few offs at T1 and Moss, but no we all made it through quite well.  Well done is deserved to all for that.  The front runners and cars being passed all did a great job here.
I started in 14th and decided to just drive conservatively and stay on track. I did stay on track the whole race, and moved up as people slid off, or blew engines. I followed Pepe for the last 15 laps and tried to decide if I should push to catch him, but was getting odd numbers from the leader board and didn't want to slide off track so I just kept to my pace.  I was saddened to see Pepe lose it with  a few laps left. Pepe, I know the feeling well.

So finishing 7th with no offs made my day. This could be my best ever finish in oAo. I doubt with the quality of the drivers here, I'll get any higher.

Thanks to all for the great drive we had today!
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#12 Baldassarri



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Posted 17 September 2017 - 10:08 AM

First time on the wet, I expected a very hard race, but at the end it was very funny. Qual was a bit worst the practice times but acceptable. At the start I was afraid to lose the position because of the presence two strong pilots as John and Mick behind me, instead I  was able to maintain the 3rd.  For me it is difficult overtaking on this track in normal conditions, but on wet is quite impossible, therefore I decided to conduct a waiting race.

In the first laps I was behind Ed, we were very close, but there was no possibility to overtake. If I was able to take the flag 3rd, it would be a great result.
Instead I made a mistake in underestimating the difficulty in lapping a car approaching the T3R. In principle I could wait for an easier zone to overtake (but where is an easier zone at Mosport wet ?), but having seen the two ahead had taken a certain margin, I decided to anticipate the lapping  on the external even because the car  ahead looked well tight to the internal and the speed gap comfortable.

Unfortunately we touched so I went off the track. But I was lucky to not damage the car and to continue, leaving the position to John.  Following that I made my best to recover the gap so at the and I was just behind Ed.  

However despite the inconvenient it was a very fun race:

Congratulation to Alex for the brilliant win unbeatable here, John for the very fast and effective driving, Ed king of drifting

Thanks to all

To Monza then

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