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Posted 02 June 2018 - 09:32 AM


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#2 Robert Fleurke

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Posted 02 June 2018 - 02:00 PM

In quali ran three mid16s, just couldn't pull one clean lap together. Still a solid effort.

Start was fine, Iestyn stalled, and pulled away slightly from Michiel. Car was very consistent, and my driving also. Since the racesetup was a bit conservative I couldn't pull off 16s, but it was a very fast race. I did set 11 fast laps throughout the race, in 18 laps. One of my better drives this season. Happy for the team, but sadly we lost Enrique early on wrecking the Lotus. Cheer up amigo, easy mistake to make, have done myself.

Great drive by Michiel in the Ferrari, very impressive, and good recovery Iestyn. Great to see Greg back, rock solid P4. Well done finishers, commiserations to the retirements.

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#3 Michiel Pompert

Michiel Pompert

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Posted 02 June 2018 - 02:02 PM

This was an unexpected solid run for me.

It started with Roy sadly not being able to attend, and whilst I didn't run yet for two months, having missed the past 3 races due to holidays and general lack of spare time to race, it meant I had a choice of cars to run this event. I was at first a bit hesitant to enter the Ferrari, having driven only one online race with it back in 2001 in the HGPLM league and twice in EURO LAN events in the Netherlands the same year.

I did know that running more than a few laps in the Honda it slowly turned into a very understeery car in high speed corners on warm/hot tyres for me, so I did decide to practice this morning to see how it would go with the Ferrari. I was positively surprised, and decided to enter it after all, knowing in the Honda I might very well risk a blowup like at Tandil if I would push it properly.

I was hugging the 17s quite quickly but I never managed to get one all day even if sector times indicated so. It must be the 2% rust that needed clearing, but it was enough to get pipped by Iestyn by a few hundreths in qualifying, after I noticed the family had gotten fries for dinner and in the distraction behind me I went off at Stavelot after setting an early 18.8. I had 10 minutes till the last few minutes were due so I decided to eat and then return to the seat for a final dash. It was once again looking like a 3:17.8 going into the final 25% of the lap however I ran wide exiting La Carriere and then again exiting Blanchimont and barely able to hold the car, it ended up being a 3:18.48 instead.

I had trouble in the practice start on the server, getting too many revs, and trying different approach didnt really help, I again lost some traction, but despite that I seem to have gotten by Iestyn before reaching Eau Rouge. From then on a long story short, Robert ahead was already out of tow range and pulling out the steady 1,5 seconds per lap until I couldn't see him anymore, and Iestyn behind has jumped the barrier at Les Combes and whilst he was able to continue, Greg behind was also losing ground on me, so I was in no mans land, trying to challenge myself to keep the gap to Rob as small as I dared, as the car was being predictable as tyres warmed up still so I felt confidence to push at almost full effort. This worked really well until the penultimate lap when braking for Les Combes I realised I had slightly too much speed on entry and ran wide, tapping the barrier myself but fortunately only very gently and I was able to continue, having lost 2-3 seconds in the process. It sadly cost a shot at most consistent award as it turned out but I could still be very pleased with the result.

Grats to Rob on a super steady run up front and Iestyn coming back with good speed through the field to take 3rd. Speical mentions to Greg for doing a solid return drive to P4, it was worthy of a podium and I think I speak for all here when I saw we are all glad to see you back with us :)

Sorry to see Michael not able to run the race with us, you were missed, and Yannick, Ed, and Michi who I could see having trouble during the race. Better Luck to you all at Brno!

Hopefully I can run after the holiday break at Brno. Might be on holiday but not sure yet. Fingers crossed as having tried Brno today I feel eager to race it ;)

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#4 Michkov


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Posted 02 June 2018 - 03:44 PM

Oddest weekend in a long time if ever for me. Qualy went, "Let's see if we can take Hollowell in 5th" to my car going off backwards towards the old hairpin. I hit something so on the way up the hill I took care through the fast sweepers, but coming up to Blanchimont I comitted not to pit for repairs and carry on. Just to promptly put the car into the weeds splitting the tank. 20 minutes to ponder my foolishness.
With 5 to go I lead a train of Ferraris out of the pits with no time on the board. After the first lap coming into La Source a miscue with Yannick sees me spinning the car and I figured let it roll backwards avoid the Ferrari beside me all good, right. Wrong there is a Ferrari where I dont expect one to be, I go barrel rolling towards Spa. I think that is the first time I didn't post a time in Qualy.

Race went fine, given the 7/4 laps I managed during qualy I wasn't expecting much. But as the flag dropped everything came together I picked up two spots each on the first two laps, one thanks to my teammate. After that I set off to chase down Tristan, I was quicker than him but only by a tiny margin. SO it was an interesting back and forth with 2-3 seconds between us. Dag in the rear should've had the same situation. Nearly got Tristan when Iesytn came through, but I missed fourth through Kemmel and went into a halfspin at Les Combes loosing the spot to Dag with 7 or 8 to go.
Dag seemed a bit slower than Tristan at first glance, but he had some reserves, so that turned into a nice battle. Until I made silly at La Source lost 7 secs and promptly stuck the car into a tree the next time through La Carrier.

The results may not show it and I'm deeply sorry for my teams financial demise, but I thoroughly enjoyed the race.
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Posted 03 June 2018 - 05:09 AM

Well this was disappointing. Two laps to go and for a split second catching Tristan was more important than finishing the race in my head and off I went. To be honest I had a couple of moments before this were I thought I was dead for sure but managed a couple of saves that was very good and somewhat lucky so it was always in the cards that it might end this way. Spa is not my best track in all honesty. Its a great track to drive but oh so unforgiving.

Q was well below par , never came close to my PB and P9 was not great. I hung on behind Enrique in the start of the race and it went ok , Michkov was coming up behind me and seemed to have a stronger pace in the brabham and he passed me with a better exit going into the kink and I was down a spot. The strategy was simple , I figured Spa would maybe get the best of a couple of drivers ahead of me and if I were to gain posistions here it would come from that direction. And it did work pretty good , at some point I was P6 without passing anyone and all I had to do was to keep it on track. But for a moment the devil on my shoulder told me I could catch Tristan if I pushed a little harder... that didnt end well and I should have known better.

My apologies to the team for wrecking the car and the repair cost.

#6 JMF


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Posted 03 June 2018 - 06:58 AM

Congrats Rob, Michiel, and Iestyn! Nice job guys!

It's good to be back. Thanks for letting me return. And thanks to the Honey Badgers for allowing me to drive something better than a Honda, the car I would be driving if I remained a privateer.

Spa67 is a great track. It's one I love to drive and one I can show a little strength. It can destroy a car very easily but I was more worried about computer problems than the race. I was a little worried about the start too but I felt I'd be alright if I could make it past the Kink unscathed on lap 1.

I did get a screen freeze on my in lap on my first stint. That sucked. I was satisfied with 3:20.3 but I was worried a few tenths could cost me a few positions. I wanted a 3:19 and I just made it with a 2 lap stint in the last 5 minutes.

The start was precarious. Iestyn didn't get away well. For a moment I thought he might be trying to let me pass. I never try to gain positions at the start unless I qualify poorly. Unable to determine where Ed and Yannick were, I did my best to not hit Iestyn and put my faith in the guys behind me to not run over me. Nice job Ed, Yannick. Iestyn helped pull me away from Ed and Yannick up the hill from Eau Rouge and down the hill from Les Combes. That put me in good shape to avoid any accidents. It was a shame that I had lost the tow by the time we exited Malmedy.

Once Iestyn broke the tow, I kept my eye on Tristan and tried to drive just fast enough to open the gap more. I don't think the Brabham is fast enough here to keep up with the Ferrari.

When Iestyn took a trip over the rail at Les Combes, I thought that might have put him out of the race. A few laps later, I thought I might be cruising to a podium finish.

A few laps after that, I could see he had recovered and was on his way towards me. His first lap behind me he gained 2.5 seconds. I picked up my pace a little on the next lap and kept his gain to less than 2 seconds. From the time he took P4, I thought he would catch me. All I could do was make it take as long as possible and hope he made a few mistakes. I checked the replay and he was 17 seconds behind me starting the lap after his incident at Les Combes. I did a nice job making it take 10.5 laps to catch me. I might have been able to make it take 11 laps to catch me but he still would have had 2 or 3 laps to pass me.

As he got closer I started making some slight errors. But I was still able to lower my lap times. Once he did catch me, I pressed for just a little faster entry into Blanchimont, one of my worst places on the track. I got too far inside and the grass got me sideways. Immediately, my only worry was Iestyn might hit me. But being the wise and patient driver he often is, he took it easy until he passed my sliding car. Thanks Iestyn.

The slide at Blanchimont was my only big mistake. I did make one other that scared me a bit. I was so focused on the pavers on the right in the turn before La Source that I almost hit Michi's crippled car. I didn't see him until it was too late to take evasive action. I'm lucky he was about as far left as he could go. I might have wanted to cry had I hit him.

I enjoyed the race and before qualifying I enjoyed watching Michiel run a 3:18.43. He can test the limits of his racing line much better than I can. I kept thinking, if I tried that I'd spin or lose lots of time to save the car. When he ran a little wide twice in the La Carriere area, I didn't think his lap time would be that good but surprisingly he finished the lap at 18.43.

Thanks for the fun guys. Thanks for letting me drive the Ferrari Micheal. I appreciate you letting me race with you.
Greg Taber

#7 Pepe Higdon

Pepe Higdon

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Posted 03 June 2018 - 08:34 AM

It's great to have you back, Greg.

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