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Chris Amon In His Own Words

13 August 2017 - 09:04 PM

I thought you guys might like this one. I did. :) There's at least 3 videos.

Kyalami Pit Wall

27 February 2017 - 09:49 AM

Yes, I didn't have the pit wall. I didn't think there was any rule regarding this. If this is a league geared towards realism, I shouldn't have to have it or drive as if I do.

I didn't try to take any advantage of it's absence. Roberto was slow off the line. I hesitated for a moment but thought it would be safer to move right and get back on the throttle so I didn't get rear ended or Frank didn't get rear ended slowing for me. If I had the pitwall I wouldn't be surprised if we saw a crash with Roberto's slow start. I wouldn't have hit him but what might have happened behind me may have been a lot different.

I also had little inclination to try to pass Roberto on lap 1. But with a Brabham on my tail and little room to maneuver I did what I thought was least likely to result in a crash. Luckily all the drivers I started near including myself, showed some good caution and patience. Thanks guys.

I'll rebuild my pit wall but I'd prefer we not have to use it or act as if it's there. As Bruce mentioned, it wasn't there in 1967 and I think it makes the start more dangerous. UKGPL's grid forces the cars starting on the right to move left or hit the wall. I could have easily taken out Pelle and Bob recently because of that damn wall.

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