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Punta Fria Tune-Up

19 February 2019 - 04:55 PM

Nothing much to speak of other than some files to clear the pits of annoying hangers-on.  From the zip provided below, drop the 17 files directly into your ptafria track folder et voila, they'll disappear.

Attached File  pit ppl ptafria.7z   533bytes   9 downloads

*Cautionary note re this track...

Best put your foot on the brake when you go to track.  If you are up near the head of the line in the stalls, you're likely to roll back.  The lead slots are on an upward incline.

An Invitation, Mes Amis

18 July 2018 - 07:03 PM

Hi, fellas!  :)

Members of the ADC and the VOR are cordially invited to participate in a beta test of a new concept which will enable the running long-distance races in GPL.  Current limitations restrict events to 128 laps maximum.  Not any more...

Bop on over to this thread on the OAO section and give it a read.  Feel free to sign up while seats last.


Edit: Probably wouldn't hurt if I posted a link, right?  DOH!


Beta Testers Needed

18 July 2018 - 08:20 AM

Hi, fellas!  :)

I should like to test a new procedure to allow long-distance races in GPL.  As you may be aware, GPL is currently limited to a maximum lap score of 128.  Beyond that figure, laps are not recorded.

This beta test will allow that limitation to be side-stepped by establishing teams running stints that, on an accumulated aggregate, reach a distance otherwise not attainable.  A minimum of two drivers are required per team.  That is the ideal since GPL limits the field to just 19 and that means nine, two-driver teams can enter.

How is this accomplished?  By use of Lee Bowden's Pit Stop Patch(v 0.22), it is possible to have a relay race involving drivers assigned to a team.  It's set up like a tag-team wrestling match.  You drive til you're ready to hand off to your team mate.  He takes over and cuts laps in one or two stints til it's time for you to resume.  The tag is managed in the pits simply by invoking Lee's patch.  You are not booted from the game and can sit there indefinitely.

For the beta test, I should like to secure committments from at least 14 members to set up seven teams.  More if possible.  The maximum is nine teams for 18 members.  The test will use our standard GP67 F1 cars.  (The concept is targeted at GPL GT sportscars but as not every OAO member uses that mod, we shall use F1 cars; they'll work out just fine)  The test venue is PIR(the Phoenix oval which is on our S21 schedule, btw)and the race distance will be just 40 laps.

Please respond in this thread your desire to participate.  Full details to come.  Date TBD.  Thanks.

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