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In Topic: Missing Pit Board

28 May 2020 - 02:29 PM

This will bring things up to speed.  In the two zips provided, find 'track67.ini' files for Silverstone and Castle Combe(which replaced Casa de Campo in the first half of the season).

Attached File  ccombe.7z   1.54K   3 downloads

Attached File  silver.7z   1.65K   7 downloads

As previously advised, if you have a 'track67.ini' file in either of those two track folders, protect it before installing those provided here.

In Topic: Missing Pit Board

28 May 2020 - 01:25 PM

Ah, yes.  Quite so, Pepe.  Brands was originally on the sked but replaced with Silverstone if memory serves.  These files date from late December, 2019.  I'll be back shortly with an upload for Silverstone.

In Topic: Missing Pit Board

28 May 2020 - 06:40 AM

Hi, fellas.  Bo and I have been exchanging notes on this in an attempt to find a solution for the 'phantom placard'.  In tests, I have it showing at Spa67 using my 'track67.ini' file.  Yesterday, I downloaded all the tracks on the remaining sked for S23 from the Track Db and installed three in a special GPL install.  The object was to test them 'as is' with no alterations whatsoever.  That means using the originally supplied 'track.ini' file.  I ran Silverstone, Roosevelt and Edmonton in training mode.  All three delivered good results with me being able to see the placard in each case.  Next, I tried those three venues using the 'track67.ini' files that I've written for the league and the ones used by Bo for our events.  Again, I had no trouble in seeing my placard.  Finally, I set an offline race against a full slate of AI drivers at those venues to see if the placard was still visible no matter where I was set down in the pit stalls.  In training mode, you will take the first slot available typically...but not the head of the line.  Sometimes, depending on how the stalls are assigned, you're at the tail of the line.  For a race, you will be set down any old place.  My three tests revealed that again, my placard was visible anywhere up and down the line.  That said, the cause for the placard glitch must lie somewhere other than in the 'track67.ini' files.

With Bo's permission, I'm providing the membership with the actual 'track67.ini' files as used by the club for S23.  In the zip below, you will find dedicated folders with a 'track67.ini' file for each of our venues.  Simply unzip and drop the file straight into your track folder.  If you already have a 'track67.ini' file there, protect it with a renaming or copy it over to a safe place as a backup.

Attached File  S23 trak ini.7z   9.1K   11 downloads

I highly recommend that you install and use these files as if for nothing else, they contain the grid layouts.  Testing with the AI will give you a true indication of what you face race day.

In Topic: Missing Pit Board

26 May 2020 - 12:50 PM

At Bo's request, just this morning, I've tested at Spa67 with the 'track67.ini' file provided to the club for our races.  Both in private training and with a full slate of AI, I can see my placard no matter where I'm dumped down in the pit lane.  For those who cannot see the placard, I wonder if it might help to have access to the files I've provided to the club.  Just speculation but it wouldn't hurt for all to use them and might help cure the problem.  Bo?

In Topic: Missing Pit Board

26 May 2020 - 07:44 AM

A nagging problem as I've encountered the 'phantom pit board' many a time.  Very frustrating.  Brands67 is fine example of being dumped down into your stall with the placard visible some distance down the way.  At other venues, it just isn't visible at all despite cruising the pit lane looking for it.

I think we need to be clear as to what we are actually referring to here, lads.  By rights, the 'pit board' should be reference to the board displayed by your pit signals man giving lap time, position, etc.  The board identifying your stall location for refueling patch and such is better referred to as your 'stall placard'.  It's important to make the distinction.

As I have written the grids for the OAO over the last several years, I'm going to take a close look at solving this placard issue.

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