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Posted 06 November 2009 - 09:55 AM

All sessions that count towards the championship will be hosted by me (providing circumstances beyond my control keep me away from the Internet at those hours), so this is information that only matters for those who want to see additional practice runs with other competitors. Do not host a race if you don't expect others to join you, or at least make it public then, so that you don't pay for a session that could have easily been a private free test.

If you plan to host, make sure you annouce the session here in the forum, and over on iRacing (as long as we are looking for additional drivers, each post there exposes our league to others who may be interested).

Once you decide it's a good time to launch a hosted session, go to the iRacing site and pick "HOSTED" off the meny where you find STATS and FORUM and other popular features. Once you select this area, a list of currently hosted events will show (if any). This is the place where you'd join our races, too - you don't select them from the usual RACE and series menu.

There are two tabs on this page - JOIN A RACE and HOST A RACE. Obviously, to host, you pick that option. A form appears that allows you to define how your session will run. You have to be careful to fill in everything correctly, because once you launch the session, there is no way to change anything.

Here's how I set up an oval session, trying to make maximum use of the 4 hour limit iRacing imposes on Hosted Races, but leaving a certain buffer amount of laps given yellow flags may extend the race session well beyond the estimated time.

Posted Image

I don't know if they would abort a race if it were to go beyond 4 hours total session time, so for official races I will keep the practice sessions shorter.  On Road Course races, the menu above should show Open Practice + Open Qualifier + Race Type, and a 30 minute Qualifying session, unless you feel like running just practice and a very short race. 180 minutes is the maximum time for a practice session allowed, leaving one hour for qual and race.

Paying for the session - if you don't have an Account Balance shown on the right, you will first have to put some funds into that account. That process is rather poorly documented so here in short what I had to go through to see money in the account:

Click the increase Balance button on the right and purchase a Gift Certificate for the amount you want available. After you pay for it, you will receive an email message from iRacing with a redeem code for the amount. Here is where it gets complicated - to get the money moved into your own account you need to click on the "View Cart" link at the top of the iRacing site and enter the redeem code in the Promotion / Gift Certificate Code field that appears. Once that is done, you should finally see a balance in the Hosted Races menu and you will be allowed to click the Purchase and Race Now button. Note that right now there seems to be no ability to schedule a session to begin at a later time - when you purchase a session, it will become available within a minute or two!

Again, you don't have to buy any sessions to race with us. If you want to see more racing with league members during the week, though, you may want to throw in the occasional session on your dime. Post here and elsewhere before you do.

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