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Yesterday, 11:51 AM

I like grand prix circuits - give these a try if you don't know any of them:
East London
Hockenheim 67
Buenos Aires 15 (i.e. the long one)
Long Beach 76

In Topic: Road America

07 October 2018 - 08:52 AM

Tim, I only thought that because in my limited experience in the Honda, the tyres seem to overheat very easily.  It was good racing. :)

In Topic: Road America

06 October 2018 - 02:14 PM

This is a track I really struggled at.  I couldn't get anywhere near less than 2:20 in my preparations, and often was inexplicably 2 seconds slower than that.

Come race day, the omens looked bad, with me being allotted Guy Ligier's blue Brabham - you know, the one you lap after about 3 laps of an offline race. I qualified about 11th, I think, with a 2:21, and we all raced away cleanly and completed lap 1.  Tim was breathing down my neck and was clearly faster than I was. I left the door open at the tight left-hander T5, and he was through.  Then, I found myself at the end of a 4-car train for a few laps: Pepe, Dan, Tim, me.  Suddenly, something happened, and before I knew it, Pepe dropped back and I was in 10th. Then, Dan went wide on L7, and I was into 9th.  Lap after lap I followed Tim, quite close after the Carousel every lap, but as soon as we got on the main straight, Honda power told.  I was not going to push it, and was actually extremely relaxed.  In fact, I wasn't even really concentrating that hard - my wife and I went to see Bradley Cooper's directorial debut in the morning, "A Star is Born", and I couldn't shift it from my mind.  (For those who like cinema, I thoroughly recommend it - both Cooper and Lady Gaga put in great performances.)  So, Tim and I raced around until I could see his tyres were giving him problems.  I waited and waited, and eventually at T1 on lap 16, he slid wide, and I was through.  And thus, I finished in 8th, my teammate Mick in 5th - a good day for us. :)

In Topic: Chapman, Oliver, And Lotus (Especially The 49)

30 September 2018 - 06:51 AM

The more I learn about Chapman, the less I like him.

In Topic: Oh If Only

15 September 2018 - 04:59 PM

I use some of Gregor Huttu's setups... does that make me his equal..?

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