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In Topic: Buenos Aires

Today, 03:11 PM

happy you didn't quit ZZ :)
its not that critical ~

In Topic: New Refuel Patch Released.

Today, 11:33 AM

ok.. i'm dense i admit-... i click on the link and see 12 pages of DIRTGEAR patch, and only at the end does Olaf mention the new patch, but i see no link :P
is it only available WITH the DGP??

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Today, 11:13 AM

agree w/ Rob here... not meant as "punishment or ridicule"   its just a way to keep everyone 'somewhat' pacified (me/Niky)  but also, helps EVERYONE sharpen their game :)
could happen to anyone ~

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Yesterday, 11:47 AM

decent race, decent pace
one off, and got away, one caught in someone elses off/spin .. again got away.

running p6 (before Tim's engine blowing) my off allowed Kayo to close the 6s gap. i was chased by Kayo and out of last turn he cranked it up and shot by me like he was in a modern car :o   so p7.. still better than the p8 starting spot.
then i could only keep up. thinking with 10 laps to go i might still have a chance to retake p6 Tim retired, gifting me p6...
then a cooper came back onto track, and caught me, spun backwards into the fencing. i thought 'race over'.. but no! i was able to get out and back in front of Pepe by 1s  :o

from then on it was just to finish as the steam to chase Kayo was long evaporated ~

congrats Tame... uerrr i mean George!  (i think i've seen this before)
well done to Claud and Ronnie for podium.

good job everyone in their first D2/PRO oAo race !!  very well done

In Topic: Peter Windsor And The H16

11 February 2020 - 04:19 PM

indeed ZZ!  my mem's are from Indy of course - in '67 standing outside the garages, and hearing Foyts' v8... VwuupPA... VwuupPA.... glorious~
then standing right next to the Lotus Turbine (wedge in '68)  and i was right at the left front tire... like a vacuum .. and i thought, 'oh this isn't so bad'... but it kept whinning up... and i thought 'oh, this is getting painful'... finally i had to put my hands over my ears as i thought a spike was being driven thru my head!
the v8's were much prettier :)
like a loud hug!

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