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#21 Oliver_Kloesov


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Posted 02 November 2005 - 05:27 PM

I got your whopper, cowboy. RIGHT HERE!  :P

WTH is a Cowboy Whopper?
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#22 Kike Kotzberg

Kike Kotzberg

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Posted 02 November 2005 - 06:17 PM

It's food, It's a hamburger without the top bread. Instead it has a pile of beans on it. It comes with salad and onion rings.

Almost forgot! And cold beer

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#23 rsaito


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Posted 03 November 2005 - 07:15 AM

Driver Name: Rolando Saito
Forum Name: rsaito
Real Name: Rolando Saito
Location (Country, State, City): Chile, Region Metropolitana, Sanitago.
E-mail address: rolando dot saito at gmail dot com
Season Started with Mybroga:
Season 14

Well, my driver's career is not son extensive as many as I read here in this thread. My first steps in simracing began a long time ago, don't remember the year but I sure can remember the game. It was called INDY 500. It was a DOS based game so old I can't remember when was it. I played it with keyboard because I didn't knew if wheels or even joysticks exist. After that came a dark period in which I explored every kind of games non related with driving or something else. Then in 1999 my wife bought me my first wheel, it was a MSFF, and I thought what can I do with this thing. Then a friend of mine told me about a game called NFS (Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed) and among with other guys began to race on-line with that game. Finally a year after in 2000 I was walking on the street and saw in a computer shop a box with an old F1 car. I took it in my hands and read the name: "Grand Prix Legends". But when I read the year of production 1998 I left it. Days after this I told a friend what I found in that store and he goes crazy and I said, hey what the big idea ? It's only a game. Then he explained me about that game, and after that speech I returned to the store and bought the game and installed it on my PC. But just after I had installed and run it and saw those ugly images and cars I threw the game away for a while. The someone told about several patches and program for driving on-line with that game. Short story I grab the game back, installed the patches and internet program to play it (VROC) and from that day till now I never left it. The game really hooked me up. In the meantime I tried also several ather new sims like F1 2002, F1C and all there mods, GTR and GTP. Actually I'm participating in the WOSEC league with GTP but even all this new mods and game GPL is still my favorite. Even the new and son calimed rFactor.

So that's my story, and oh....Nilo was the guy who brought me to Mybroga and I will do my best effort for this season.


#24 Whipl50



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Posted 03 November 2005 - 11:36 AM

Driver Name: Duane Darnell
Forum Name: Whipl50
Real Name:Duane Darnell
Location (Country, State, City):USA, Illinois, Plainfield
E-mail address:  Format  "duanedarnell at sbcglobal dot net"  
Season Started with Mybroga: 11

People ask me....was getting into GPL easy for you?  No....I was born a poor black child. :P

But seriously:  My virtual racing experience probably started with Night Driver for the Atari 2600.  Moving onto the PC world I had a copy of Indy 500, the original Papyrus game, but I ran Bill Elliot's Nascar Challenge way more than Indy 500.  From there, I got a copy of CART racing (Papy changed the name from Indy Car Racing), and then what really hooked me was Nascar 2.  I ran offline, and also enjoyed Mobil One Rally Championship, which still has some of the best stages of any Rally game, and many other games involving automobiles.  I tried the demo of GPL when it came out, but it brought my PC at the time to it's knees, and I couldn't figure out how to get my sound card to work correctly with it.  About a year or more later I was at Office Depot and saw GPL in their clearance bin for $5 ( $5!!!!).  I took it home, installed it, and spent the next 45 minutes spinning off the track at Watkins Glen.  Back it went into the box.  Nascar 3 came out and was purchased, then Nascar 4, I skipped Nascar Season 2002 but did buy Season 2003.  In between all this I wanted to get into online racing and stumbled onto Race Sim Central.  I saw all the great updates and tracks for GPL, and reinstalled it with the updates and tried it again.  I read about GPL:W driving school, and signed up.  I got in the following season, and started getting into GPL in earnest.  One of my GPL:W classmates, Robby, told me about the Average Drivers Club. I signed up with them, and really had a good time racing over there.  About a year and a half later I got on the Mybroga waiting list after seeing Rhys and Bill McComber and some of the other ADC guys racing in Mybroga.  After waiting a season I got into D, and was lucky enough to get drafted into the Brabham BT7 in the inaugural '65 mod season.  Three seasons later here I am.

I have been married 11 years to my wife Lynette, who teaches special education at the elementary school level.  This is a key reason I've been married for 11 years, she understands my special education needs.  :)   We have 2 boys, Ryan who is 6, and Evan who is 3.  I work for a regional bank in Chicago as a system administrator.

Turn ons:  Good beer, Bowhunting, music by XTC and Pink Floyd, TV shows on engineering disasters and the like

Turn offs: people who don't think the rules of the road apply to them, politicians, people who say "I seen that"
Treading water in a sea of sexual retardation.

-Duane Darnell

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#25 Chuck K

Chuck K

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Posted 03 November 2005 - 06:55 PM

Driver, Forum, Real Name: Chuck Koboldt
Location (Country, State, City):USA, Michigan, Owosso
E-mail address: ckoboldt at gmail dot com
Season Started with Mybroga: 6

My first league of any kind was a GPL league called Windy City Racers, guys like P Jackson, Maddog, KO, Sam, Alan, MSteel, Jim, and others were in it, it was fun for a couple seasons but lacked a decent format and died off. As it died out, papy came out with nascar 4, so i joined a league of that. we were on Speedgeezers early because PJ was offering homes to leagues and trying to get a nascar section set up. After a couple seasons of nascar i started wanting to run GPL again, and PJ mentioned Mybroga, raved about it actually, so i wrote to ascari. it just so happened that division C was starting up and i would have a ride immediately, so me and my trusty cooper finished 3rd that season and i havent looked back
If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough.
Mario Andretti

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#26 Rick Nauman

Rick Nauman

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Posted 04 November 2005 - 09:34 AM

Driver name: Rick Nauman
Forum name: same
Real name: same
Location: USA, Florida (hurricane capital of the world), Baker
Email: Ricknau at earthlink dot net
Season Started with Mybroga: 11

I'm a fifties something guy with a very tolerant wife and two "kids" in their 20's.  The girl (younger) is away at college, and the son just graduated.  Hmm... with both of them out of the house I really have no excuse not to practice more.   :gpler:

My sim racing experience (and interest in racing in general) has been rather limited compared to most of you guys.  First there was GPL, then... actually that's it, only GPL.  GPL has really taken me from being a total non-fan of racing to being a fairly enthusiastic fan.  After sitting in my sim cockpit for untold hours trying to squeeze a few tenths of a second off a lap time, realizing the degree of concentration and focus it takes to drive lap after lap right on the edge without falling off, feeling the pressure of a faster driver (more often than I apply the pressure), I now have emormous admiration for the guys who do it for real, risking their very life and limb.  So now I often sit in front of the tube for hours watching cars and motorcycles go round and round.  Waking up at 5 or 6 a.m. on Sunday to watch a European F1 race on Speed Channel.  Ignoring my wife and kids and household responsibilities... all because of GPL.  Gotta love it! (Not what my wife says  :angry:  )

I only chanced into this.  I had just bought my new fancy 486 PC.  My son and I were browsing the computer store for some games when I saw this box with an old F1 car on it.  I thought, hey this might be fun.  Needless to say, I got about 10 FPS and the car just spun wildly ever time I touched the gas.  So back in the box it went for about 2 years while I played various FPS.  Then I got a mighty P2 with an Nvidia TNT card and I thought hmmm... maybe I'll try that F1 game again.  And that's all it took.  I could get 36 FPS but the cars still spun wildly.  I became obsessed with learning how to drive these cars.  After months of driving every free moment I had I finally won my first AI race.  About that time I discovered online racing.  I joined VOR and have had a blast racing with those guys.  A few seasons back I decided racing once a week wasn't enough so I joined Mybroga too.  I really have enjoyed racing here too.  The pesonalities are great, and the competition is stiff.  I'm sure I'll be here for quite a while.

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#27 tifo


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Posted 05 November 2005 - 03:08 AM

Driver Name: Raymond Rodriguez
Forum Name: tifo
Real Name: "Ray"
Location (Country, State, City): United States of America, California, Los Angeles
E-mail address: tifosi five two one at yahoo dot com
Season Started with Mybroga: Season 14 ((I'm a rookie or noobie if you prefer))

My story started about eight years ago when I was watching the 1998 F1 race at Spa on Speed Channel. That's when during the broadcast, David Hobbs began talking about "the good ol days" and how the old track of Spa used to run all the way down to the village of Francorchamps and how dangerous "masta kink" was back then. He then moved on to talk about "the Ring" and how his pal Derrick Bell drove on the old Nurburgring in his Porsche 956, and how the hairs on the back of his neck stood up every time he drove there. He said that the Ring was the most challenging and most dangerous track in the world and that even after the guard rails were added and the jumps were removed in the early seventies, that the drivers still deemed the circuit too dangerous to drive.

That was the first time I ever heard about the old tracks and his story sparked my imagination to run wild about the Nurburgring. I found myself searching the web for old photos, videos, or whatever I could find out about it. The cars were still unknown to me at that time. A few months later I was in Comp USA and I saw Grand Prix Legends for the first time. The information on the box said that it contained the 14-mile 174-turn historic Nurburgring and authentic 1967 cars. It was everything my imagination was yearning for. Unfortunately, like many other dreams in life, the reality of money killed it. Yes, the game was only $29.99, but my computer wouldn't support it and I would need to buy a whole new computer just to play the game. The dream would have to wait a very long time.

Fast forward to 2003. I had graduated from college and as a graduation gift to me, my generous, very well-to-do brother said he would buy me a new Dell computer as a graduation gift. Ah ha! Soon I would be racing again. The last racing sim I owned before that was Grand Prix 2. Back then, I would break the pedal springs of my thrustmaster every five months on average and I found a way to buy the replacement springs directly from the factory. I loved Grand Prix 2 and drove for hours. Knowing that I was going to have a brand new computer made me anxious to finally get a force feedback wheel (never tried one before) and the latest F1 game. I didn't pressure my brother about getting me the computer, but as the months went by and Christmas approached, he finally caved in and said "It's about time for me to get you that computer I promised you." It came in January of 2004 and I immediately bought F1 challenge, but for some reason it just wasn't as fun as Grand Prix 2. I then remembered Grand Prix Legends and how my computer couldn't run it--it could now! My imagination about the old tracks had faded a bit over the years, but my curiosity about the game had not. I searched for a copy of it, and the only place I could find the old game was through a software company called "Sold Out Software" for 12 bucks. So I ordered it.

In a few days, GPL came in a bubble-wrapped envelope and to tell you the truth I was completely disappointed. There was no box like the one I had seen at Comp USA and no instruction manual with it. It only had a small picture of the Ferrari on what looked like a generic white plastic CD case. I wondered if it was just a copy of the game that someone had made and re-packaged. I popped the CD in my computer and noticed that even the Papyrus website that the installation CD tried to access had been unavailable for some time. This game was really old.

After running the game for the first time I immediately noticed that the graphics seemed archaic at best. There was no force feedback and the cars seemed impossible to drive. I was ready to call it a loss of 12 dollars and uninstall the game. But something--maybe the challenge, maybe knowing I was driving on legendary historic tracks, maybe just looking at the pictures of the old cars and the drivers in the main menu, or maybe the default sound of that V12 Ferrari kept me come back to it curiously. I would drive for twenty minutes or so and then turn it off in a rage of frustration. I wished the graphics were better. I wished it had force feedback so I could feel when the car was out of control. I wished I could memorize the Nurburgring, but with no landmarks or visual references to speak of, it seemed impossible. I couldn't stay on the track for a lap, let alone race! Every time I played the game I got stressed out. I was puzzled because all the reviews hailed it as one of the best racing games ever.

I decided to search the web for some car setups that might make driving easier and then BOOM!!! I found heaven.  I found Race Sim Central, the GPL track database, the GPLEA, and the 65 Mod. In a space of just a few weeks, I went from almost uninstalling GPL and snapping the CD, to having the best game I ever owned. Almost two years later, I am happy to say that NOTHING compares to this game and I pay tribute to all those that have made it what it is today. The cars, the tracks, the sounds, the graphics, the mods, the leagues, and everybody who has worked to create a utopia for people who love Historic Grand Prix Racing. The dream is better than I could have ever imagined it!  :thumbup:

And that leads me to now...

I was flipping through posts at Race Sim Central and noticed one about drivers being needed for Mybroga Season 14.  I have never raced online before and joining a league was something I always thought about but the timing was never right.  I almost joined the T-league until I realized that they were all on British time and their races started in the afternoon while I was at work.  Well, after learning that you guys race at 5:30 PST, Gringocordoba convinced me join this fine league and I've been welcomed with open arms since.  

~Ray Rodriguez

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#28 Maddog Lynn

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Posted 06 February 2006 - 08:15 PM

Driver Name: Maddog Lynn
Forum Name: same
Real Name: Mike Lynn
Location (Country, State): U.S., New York (can't be exact because Ollie will show up)
E-mail address: mlynn001 at TWCNY dot RR dot com
Season Started with Mybroga: Season 9?

I bought GPL and MS Sidewinder wheel, almost the same month that I bought my first computer , in late 1999.
I was horrible and languished with a high postive rank for nearly a year. I had to learn soo much computer stuff , just to get the damn game to run. I remember installing my first video card (Voodoo 2, a whopping 12 mgs of memory) just for GPL and then new tracks came out, Dubia and Brands and I had to learn to edit files(season ini. etc) as there where no installers in the dark , early days. It took me about two months to get VROC figured   out ( I used to race from the little room on the original VROC site).
Then I hit the leagues:
RSC -Reno Raines and co. kicked my head in I was back marker
World Sprint-Bentam was there
Windy Cities-Chuck Kobolt
ASRG-Raced monday morning at 7 , great group from Austrailia
CyberRacers- Moderator Darren Hosien has driven almost every track ever available and posted a time at GPLRank
VROC F2 Club- I passed Alison Hine , once.....

Mybroga- I remember talk of a "D" division and raced Watkins Glen 48 near the end of a season while still on waiting list. I hit CA in the ass at one point.
    My first season , no one knew me , so I got an EAGLE in the draft and coulda won championship except, Alex T. was also in my,  eventually I made it to "A" on his coattails.

I've spent entirely too much time on GPL, and regret nothing.
Sure beats watching television.
Thanks to all the good Mybrogians

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#29 RLHofer


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Posted 07 February 2006 - 10:25 AM

I came, I saw, I GPL.
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ex-MYBROGA - Division A
AtlasF1 Legends League GP Division

R & R Racing

Remember: Two wrongs don't make a right...... but 3 lefts do .... only you're one block over and a block behind!

#30 Andres_Prieto


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Posted 12 February 2006 - 10:12 AM

Driver Name: Andres Prieto
Forum Name: A.Prieto
Real Name: Andres Prieto
Location (Country, State): Bogota D.c Colombia
E-mail address: andrespb87 at hotmail dot com
Season Started with Mybroga: Season 12

I remeber getting started almost by the same way every colombian guy in this leaguie get started, theres a place here called Karting Colombia and we have kind of a league there, some friends like Clarkoy, Mansell, Farina, Pfeiffer, Ruiz always talked about the races in GPL there, so I asked one of them hey Whats that?, he told me it was a league of a pretty fun game, and told me to talk to Cesare Ascari. So I talked and he put me on the waiting list, soon I was on top of it and I didnt have the game nor the well. So I bought them and then I went to clarkoys house to watch the first race of season 12 because I didnt feel ready to race, it was adelaide and remebered a fun T1 accident and the battle between B.Mcomber and DCj, I practiced for the first time GPL in his house and cant get to drive in a straight line or get a turn without dying I was a cmplete stupid in a BT7. So I went to my house for the second race of Season 12 and the server didnt let me in dont know why and the same happened for 6 races long I think? then for malasia I finally got my chance and the server let me in!!1 woth a lot of help of some guys in the league. I remebered in malasia in 65s I started with qualy fuel so pass everyone in straight 1, and make an accident on t1 jejejejeje and make a lot of mistakes and shift R out of pits everything wrong. for Falkenberg my racing skills where a little bit better, and race by race my skills get better every day now im becoming to get closer to some good times. I love racing here in mybroga everyone is so friendly and funny and look out for my spin history I only have 1 race free of spins so thats pretty awfull jejejeje.  

Hobbies: 4 wheel drive, karts, girls, beer, race sims, races, Music.

Turn Ons: being in good times of racing, fast turns!!, girls, beer, good food, SPORT CARS, good Music

Turn offs: Being a slow poke and watch everyone go away, bad music, driving with my dad as copilot or my mom, being bored.
"Ive got sweet nothings to say"

Andres Prieto

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#31 Andres_Prieto


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Posted 12 February 2006 - 10:12 AM

jejejejeje forum name: Andres Prieto jejeje dint remeber it
"Ive got sweet nothings to say"

Andres Prieto

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#32 Jeffopp


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Posted 13 February 2006 - 01:05 PM

Driver Name: Jeffopp

Driver Name: Jeffopp

Forum Name: Jeffopp

Real Name: Jeff Oppenheim

Location:  Sulphur Springs, TX

E-mail address: jeffopp2 at suddenlink dot net
Season Started with Mybroga: Season 15

The heros of my youth were Moss, Clark, Gurney and I wanted to be a race driver.
( sound familiar ? )  Well, THAT didn't happen ( also familiar? ) so when I discovered "Race Drivin' " at the arcade I was immediately addicted.  Then it was
Electronic Arts' Indy 500, World Circuit, GP3,.........GPL.

Got a late start with online racing though, 2003.  Eventually joined the IICC league and enjoyed it a lot, but now they've gone in other directions and I really just want to drive GPL.  So here I am, and glad to have found it, too!

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#33 Chuck K

Chuck K

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Posted 13 February 2006 - 11:23 PM

sonoma and texas.

hey, you werent out hunting with dick cheney were you? :P
If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough.
Mario Andretti

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#34 Geezer


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Posted 13 February 2006 - 11:53 PM

Hmm...seems like there has been a fair bit of thought put into these bios by some people.

I was going to ditch the drivers page because it is such a huge heap of work but maybe not.

Keep em' comin' and I just may get off my fat arse and finish it up.

#35 BSmooth


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Posted 14 February 2006 - 05:38 AM

Driver Name: B. Macafee
Forum Name: BSmooth
Real Name: Bruce MacPhail
Location (Country, State, City):USA, Massachusetts(Caaaar)
E-mail address: Bruce at
Season Started with Mybroga: 9

Started ages ago with race and flight sims,using an Atari 800 computer.I've always had a great interest in racing anyway and have autocrossed;TR-7's,Fiat 850 and my favorite car,a total of 3 different Mazda RX-7's(79,80 and 81).I was also in SCCA for 4 or 5 years and not only enjoyed running around real racetracks(not very well),but also working corners and smelling the oil and burning rubber.
Cars,WW2 Aircraft and Photography have always been  passions of mine,so sims just alwyas seem to be finding there way onto my computer.Although Rfactor as of late is looking better and better,I still believe GPL is the best so far.Never new what online racing was about until I got here in season 9.
Talk about a rookie,I was lucky to be able to make around the ring without crashing,never mind put in good times.But eventually I could at least stay on the track and not hit anyone(well most of the time!).My crowning achievement came in season 11 when I actually won a race at my favorite track,Spa driving the Brabham.
This is a great place to not only race,but its a place I look forward to every week.What can I say without a cliche,These are a great bunch of guys to race and just be around,and I've learned quite a bit along the way.

Hobbies: Cars,WW2 aircraft,NASCAR and Photography and great music.

Turnons: GPL,Rfactor,perfect apexes,The Red Mist and especially my family.

Turnoffs: Knowitalls,Politicians and Lawyers. "What do you call 10 Lawyers at the bottom of a Lake?  A good start!"
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#36 Jeffopp


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Posted 14 February 2006 - 12:16 PM

Hehe...well.......I don't know, but if I were in that crowd I bet I'd be campaigning a REAL '69 Brabham!

Is it true?...did they really let dick cheney into California?  'ell I'll be....!

Keep warm up there in Michigan.

Chuck Koboldt, on Feb 14 2006, 12:23 AM, said:

sonoma and texas.

hey, you werent out hunting with dick cheney were you? :P

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#37 Manuel Paredes

Manuel Paredes

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Posted 14 February 2006 - 09:26 PM

Driver Name: Manuel Paredes
Forum Name: Manuel Paredes
Real Name: Manuel Paredes
Location (Country, State, City): Chile, Region Metropolitana, Santiago.
E-mail address:
Season Started with Mybroga: My first

I started in 1999 running in Indycar Racing II offline league for about 3 years. I win races in Las Vegas, Texas and Kentucky Motor Speedway. I did running too in a Colin McRae 2 offline league N4 series with Subaru. I had participations on NASCAR FLIE offline league (2 and 3 versions).

In GPL, i run in AtlasF1 oval league making good and consistens races, where my best finish was 2th at Taladega Speedway, only 0.05 behind the leader. Also i run in Hispano league, GPLj league in F1 cars and FD cars.

Actually, i'm running in WOSEC (World Online Sportcars Endurance Championship) with the Chilean Racing Team.

Age: 24

#38 Geezer


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Posted 15 February 2006 - 03:35 PM

Keep em' comin'

I'm adding them to the drivers page at the Mybroga website as fast as my pudgy little fingers can go.

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#39 maximica


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Posted 15 February 2006 - 09:31 PM

Oliver_Kloesov, on Nov 1 2005, 12:28 PM, said:

A bad pun in the title, will you guys forgive me?


Post your bio information here so Gord can transfer it to the web pages.  As a minimum put:

Driver Name: MAXI MICA
Forum Name:maximica
Location (Country, State, City):ARGENTINA, BUENOS AIRES, PILAR
E-mail address:  Format  "micca at speedy dot"   <=== So you don't get spammed
Season Started with Mybroga:14

(Whatever else you want! )

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Season 29 -Team Ferrari - Div C. - CHAMPION!!
Season 30 -Team BRM -Div B. -3rd Place

#40 Strider


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Posted 15 February 2006 - 09:36 PM

Forum Name: Dick_Clayton/Strider

Real Name: Richard 'Dick' Clayton

Location: Wilmington, Ohio USA


Season started with Mybroga: 10

Date of Birth: September 1, 1946

GPL Rank after Season 14: -17.10

Monster Rank : none

Favorite GPL Chassis: Cooper

Least Favorite: Honda

I am 59 years old and have been retired for eight years now. I spent the last 25 years of my working life as a firefighter/paramedic. During that time I also worked for the Sheriff's Department as a special Deputy, working in a discrete manner, for five years. Now I'm an author with one novel completed but still unpublished (working on that part, but that's the hardest part of writing). I am preparing to start the second book in a couple months when my research is completed.

I was a flight simmer before coming to GPL with only a brief flirtation with NASCAR 2 enroute. I don't drive any other sims but I do still bore virtual holes through the sky.

I'm looking forward to some success in S 15 since I have repaired my pedals which caused me to blow up so many engines the last two seasons. I have a good teammate, a good car and I feel good for this season.


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