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02 June 2018 - 09:32 AM



19 May 2018 - 11:02 AM

Rather underprepared because I wasn't entirely sure if I could race.

I got my setup from last year and got going in the afternoon and noticed it could use a number of tweaks.

At qualifying I wasn't entire contend with it yet as I didn't match last year's PB.
So in the last five minutes I made a final tweak by changing the ramp angles to 60/45/1 and to my surprise I worked quite good.
Should I take a gamble in using it in the race, even though I have only used it for 3 laps? ... yeah, let's do it.

Good gamble I think. I am not sure if I would be faster if I stuck with 84/45/2.

So once again my 'start magic' kicked in again as I got well off the line and took two places.
At the Hangar Straight I also set me sights on overtaking Ed, but unfortunately I made contact when I tried to cross him through Stowe.
His Ferrari was warping quite a lot, making him rather unpredictable. I think this may have played some part in hitting him.
From my POV, he seemed to lose significant amount of speed as I tried to cross.
In any case, I think apologies are in order. Sorry, Ed. :(

So in one lap I made up three places and was looking to get the Eagle of Dag.
I seemed to gradually get closer, only for him to later pick up the pace and get away.
However, he made a spin coming out of Becketts so I took his position before reaching Stowe.

After that I spent pretty much the entire race trying to keep him at bay.
He got dangerous a couple of times and once managed to make a move, but I got to defend the inside.

So with that, finishing in P5. Teammate finished 4th, so a good result for the team :)
Let's just hope the D2 boys finally get a good result as well.

S21 - R6 - Zeltweg 71

05 May 2018 - 10:58 AM

Qualifying was really disappointing for me.
I tried three runs but never was I able to get even near the PB I made in the Brabham so I only started tenth.

So I vowed to really make up places at the start and I went off the line pretty well.
I passed Dag Johnson and Killer Miele before reaching Turn 1 and had the inside line. Roy in his Cooper was right next to me.
Having the inside and a car with better acceleration I also went past him post-T1.
From P10 to P7 in lap 1. Not quite as brilliant as Interlagos, but still very good.

Going to lap 2 I also checked Ed Cullen for P6 and so it was time to get up to the pack ahead of me.
Tristan Enrique and Michael in front of me.
While I managed to get behind the co-Brabham driver I had no chance to get a move done.

While Tristan and Enrique ran away I was just fighting to get in the vicinity of Michael, which wasn't easy.
He went away and fell back again a few times, but never did I put him in actual danger of losing the position.
So with that, my position remained stagnant throughout the entire race.

Didn't enjoy the Brabham very much. I felt I had trouble keeping up the consistency though the replay showed I was second-best in that behind my teammate!
I think Zeltweg isn't exactly the right track for it with the many fast turns and straights.
With that I couldn't really do much.

But I'm content with my finishing position.
I made up my poor qualifying performance and got a few points for the team after the tough break in Montjuic.
Great job Tristan with the podium! :D
And also grats to Iestyn and Robert.

Silverstone next.

S1 Race 3 - Tandil

24 March 2018 - 11:10 AM

Qualifying went really troublesome for me after doing an out lap I ended up upside down when I went wide in the double apex right turn.
I tried to do another lap on the at the end of qualifying, but the lap didn't count!
Somehow my 8:23 wasn't registered on the board so that I instead of seventh I had to start from eleventh.

My start went all right, I got Burt at the flag and Ed later on the first big straight.
Added Miele to that and so I got to eigth position. I followed Michael and Iestyn closely, but both would eventually get away as my Honda just couldn't keep up with them.
I did try hard to keep up with Iestyn who didn't seem to have the best pace in the Eagle but it was too fast on the straights in particular.

A few mistakes here and there and I pretty much stuck with eight position for the entire race.
My lap times gradually dropped and just when I thought to just finish the race Michiel retired his Honda.
No idea why, but I presume engine failure?
Later on, Iestyn spun off at the first chicane and suddenly I moved up two places.

And with that it was a stroll to the finish line. Sixth place is a bit more than I expected so I am satisfied with the result.

Racing around this track isn't really that fun when slipstream barely functions and the straights are abrupted by tight chicane surrounded tyres that ruin your suspension.
And with that, that you cannot 'cut' it in case you out-brake yourself.
A tight tyre chicane would be more fitting, but the inner GPL mechanics do not seem to allow that possibility. Except for one of the chicanes at Monza 10K (with chicanes).

EDIT: Brilliant spelling error in the title. "Yes, the league is re-starting from scratch!"

Technical Issues & Damage Bills

23 September 2017 - 12:20 PM

So, for the last two races, I have been forced to retire from the race due to an online issue.

- First at Mosport there was warp contact between me and Gerd, where I got flung into the wall and had to retire.
- At Monza I collided with my teammate after he disappeared for several seconds and returned when were basically inside each others cars.

In both cases I had to end my race prematurely because of reasons beyond my fault and there was impotence at play.

These things can happen at online racing and it is frustrating.
But what annoys me more is that the damages that come with it costs coins.
As I stated, these happened a moments where I could do very little about. I feel that I, and by extension my team, have been quite duped by this.
It is unfair that someone has to get such consequences for things they can't really be held responsible for and it should change.

Which I why I suggest that in case of such events when one or more drivers fall victim from lag, glitches, etc. that the incidents should be reviewed,
and a clause can be applied which suspends the damages that have come with it.

While I can accept with happened between me and Gerd, since I could have given slightly more space (despite no actual contact was made),
I felt what happened at Monza was very unlucky and unpredictable moment and can be seen as a moment where the clause could be applied.

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