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S21 - Round 4 - Schottenring

07 April 2018 - 10:38 AM

I should stop being the first to write a post race report heh :P

Having come in hot from Amsterdam before the race, and a few days of not driving much I was happy to have done a good first hotlap immediately in Q. 5:00,5 felt like it could be another second off with more tidy lines but it was more than good enough this time to start in front, I don't remember how long ago that has been! :D

Opening laps I knew I wanted to build a gap, I am most comfortable on colder tyres and the setup was aimed at a fuller tank as well so it was silent quite fast. But after 2-3 laps I saw on pitboard Rob was still stealthy right behind me at 3 seconds, so I couldn't rest at all, knowing he usually is more cautious in the beginning laps. Slowly as the tyres warmed and the car started to react differently under braking I knew I started to be more insconsistent under braking and at times small slips running wide meant Rob slowly was closing in, until a poor braking effort into Poppestruth really got us together properly, it looked set for a battle royale.

Sadly this lasted only half a lap as going into lap 8, the car was even more unstable under braking, I think I didnt apply enough throttle on the blips and the car was now too far to the left going into the chicance to get out of it in good shape, first a bump into the wall on the left and then smashed hard into the wall on the right at the exit, and rolled to a stop, with wheels missing. Totally gutted but I can say I tried hard and really wanted to go get that win this time after a few unlucky chances last year in the Lotus.

Not to be sadly, and seeing we had pulled almost a minute away from the rest by that point shows just how much on the pace we were.

Many grats Rob for bringing it home with maximum points, I enjoyed trying to stay in front but it wasn't to be today. You drove in your usually steady pace and were well prepared for the 11 laps and executed it professionally :)

I will have to miss the next 2 races due to a visit to Imola Motor Legend festival at the time of the Montjuic event, and then being on the way home from Kiev during Zeltweg 1971. I will see with Bruce about getting a replacement for the team as it would be a shame to lose touch in the team standings after such a steady start.

Grats to all finishers! :D

S21 - Round 2 - Interlagos

10 March 2018 - 11:46 AM

Excellent team result for Pist'n Broke with P2 for Roy and a more hard-fought than I liked P3 for me, just ahead of Michael! Great fun especially the opening laps for me keeping up with Roy and Rob until they got into their stride and I struggled at times to keep focused after that, had a bit of a scare in lap 8 tapping the barriers  and a few times steering out of a bigger slip angle to not risk a spin, but this puts us in a comfortable position for the D2 race and Team Championship for sure! Qually was also good with a PB of 28.8 that was nowhere near Rob's pace but where I expected to end up anyway.

I do not know exactly who ended up with the short straws, but you have my comiserations for sure...

Grats to Rob with a deserved win and untouchable speed, and Roy with also a solid run and Michael whose consistency kept me very honest throughout the race. On to the D2 event!

S21 - Round 1 - Adelaide

24 February 2018 - 10:34 AM

My gosh, the venom cup was not empty yet from last season....

Qualified unknowingly on race fuel, after thinking hard and long whilst lapping why it was so hard to drop even below a mid 30 lap, until with 2 minutes to go after spinning out and getting out I saw I had taken on 50 laps of fuel, LOL.

Considering this I wasn't too displeased with the pace and steady lapping, clearly my setup liked the heavier fuel load anyway so I was optimistic for a good race anyway.

That ended in a mess at turn 1 however. I was having a Brabham hot on my heels but still wanted to gently enter the chicane but i saw tangling was to commence ahead of me anyway, it slowed down even more and even avoiding to the right or left was not possible with someone on my left and the giant kerb going to unsettle the car too much going that way. I ended up getting in the thick end of the collisions and then my rear got shifted upwards and in a rather comical yet sad way the car rolled onto its side and then tipped over completely. Race over and seemingly the only one there in the melee that wasn't able to continue. Only positives I hope to take is that the car didn't take too much damage in the melee besides a scraped roll hoop.

I seriously hope it woke everyone up. I don't feel like protesting despite the plenty warnings about the corner pre-race but I do expect, really expect a more cautious opening lap in the remaining rounds.

Good luck to the remaining guys!

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