Atlasf1 American Gtp Division - Season 8 Schedule And Rules

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#1 Arturo Pereira

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Posted 02 September 2008 - 01:49 PM

AtlasF1 American GTP Division - Season 8 Schedule and Rules
a. Schedule

Race # Day Track Laps Practice Happy Hour PitStops Speed Limit Qualy Laps
1 15/09/08 Monza 37 90m 5m 2x 55miles 2
2 29/09/08 Wakins Glen 1990 - No Boot 45 90m 5m 2x 55miles 2
3 13/10/08 Nurburgring 7 90m 5m 2x 55miles 1
4 27/10/08 Silverstone PWF 37 90m 5m 2x 55miles 2
5 10/11/08 Spa-Francorchamps 18 90m 5m 2x 55miles 2
6 24/11/08 St Petersburg 07 40 90m 5m 2x 55miles 2
7 08/12/08 Solitude 16 90m 5m 2x 55miles 2
8 22/12/08 Phillip Island HR 34 90m 5m 2x 55miles 2
9 05/01/09 Kyalami PWF 41 90m 5m 2x 55miles 2
10 19/01/09 Le Mans La Sarthe 14 90m 5m 2x 55miles 2

b. Championship
Drivers will receive 10 points for finishing the whole race. If you do not complete all the laps, you will be awarded a percentage of the 10 points depending on the percentage of the race you completed. All drivers that start a race will receive their % of the basic 10 points, even if they finish the race in 9th position or higher.
In addition, the top 8 finishers will receive points as follows:

1st -10 points
2nd - 8
3rd - 6
4th - 5
5th - 4
6th - 3
7th - 2
8th - 1

Teams of 2 drivers are accepted. If a Team presents 3 drivers, only the 1st 2 drivers will receive points. Teams points will be equal to the total points received by the individual drivers.

If we have no teams conformed before the start of the season, points will be awarded according the the chassis used.

Best 4 out of 5 races of each half season will count for the Championships.

c. Races
All sessions will consist of a 90m Practice followed by a race, as defined in the Schedule.

Start time at 24:00 GMT , 20:00 EST/ 20:00 EDT

Practice: 20:00 EST
Qualifying 21:30 EST
Warmup (HH) 5 mins
Race 50 mins (approx)
Tire Wear= 2X
Hard core=OFF
Full pace lap=OFF
Weather=Day/70/Clear/No wind
Starting Grid: SINGLE FILE with 0.5s between cars

Season IP:
Password will be the same as we've been using.

d. Startime
We will race on Mondays, starting the Official Practice at 24:00GMT (20:00 EST, 20:00 EST5EDT).

e. Chassis of Choice
Free choice. Can be changed during the season. Each driver MUST provide his car or cars BEFORE the season starts.

No chatting is allowed after the official practice starts. Only 'PI' and 'PO' are allowed. If it would be possible, leave the 'sorry' for the post race comments.

g. Turn 1 incidents and other related stuff
Before the green flag is shown, all cars must be lined up into a single file, with 0.5s between each car.
They are very common and we would not like them to spoil the fun. All T1 incidents will be reviewed in detail and penalties will be applied if they are deserved. Be patient and keep the distance. No races are won at T1.
If somebody rearends other car, please, wait for the other car to recover before rejoining the race. This is strongly recommended.
There is NO PASSING before the s/f line and also be aware that leaving a big gap to get a 'run' on the car ahead at the start will be subject to penalty.

h. Post race reports
All drivers are encouraged to post his comments about each race, either positive or negative. However, we will not tolerate any flame war here. All protests about incidents must be emailed to me right after the race with a copy of the replay from the incident/s. No exceptions to this rule, period.
If anybody would want to discuss an incident in public, it is ok, BUT keep flames out of the thread. That discussion/analysis must be useful to avoid other incidents, not to find a guilty of charge.

If you have any doubt or question, shoot

All other AtlasF1 Legends League rules are in effect.

For more information, check our forum at RaceSimCentral:

If you are interested, email me or send me a PM asap :)

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Posted 02 September 2008 - 05:33 PM


TY, Artie!

#3 Arturo Pereira

Arturo Pereira

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Posted 03 September 2008 - 08:23 AM

View PostDonnie Yourth, on Sep 2 2008, 08:33 PM, said:


TY, Artie!

No Sir, TY  :thumbup:

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