General League Rules - For All Divisions

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Posted 05 September 2009 - 09:49 AM

Rules as amended by Arturo Pereira, to match rules and conventions as applied for the previous seasons. Contact the forum moderato for any suggestions or corrections.

General League Rules - For ALL Divisions
last updated: 2009-09-5 by Arturo Pereira.

AtlasF1 Legends General League Rules and Regulations
Effective August 15th, 2009

Recommended Driver Behavior by Phillip McNelley:

Phillip's wonderful teaching aid is used by this league as the benchmark all drivers are judged by and is used to determine fault and punishment in disputes, so it's in your own best interest to know it's contents. We thank Phillip for graciously allowing us use of it.
The following is the rules and regulations for the AtlasF1 Legends League set by its Chairman Arturo Pereira.
Any driver participating in this league must be familiar with everything on this page. We must all remember that the purpose of this league is to provide a fun and competitive atmosphere for racing, and in order to accomplish that you must have a knowledgeable understanding of the rules.


The Clerk of the Course (CoC) will review any complaints filed by drivers regarding incidents during league races. He will be a fair and impartial judge and has the right to decide what action, if any, needs to be taken with regards to driving offences and will inform the appropriate parties. The CoC also reserves the right to include any member of the league's Board of Directors in his decision making.
Current Clerks of the Course (as of 5/09/09):
GP Division Chief Steward (Head CoC): Arturo Pereira
Oval Division Chief Steward (Head CoC): Arturo Pereira
Sports Cars Division Chief Steward (Head CoC): Arturo Pereira

Any complaint must be filed within 24 hours of the completion of a race and the complaint must include a replay of the incident in question. We also encourage all drivers who see anyone consistently driving in a reckless manner to contact their CoC, even in an unofficial manner.

GENERAL LEAGUE RULES - These apply to ALL divisions.
We ask that all drivers respect each other whilst racing and abide by the recommendations stated in Recommended Driver Behavior by Phillip McNelley and any other rules and regulations set forth by the league administrators.
Faster drivers do not have any inherent rights over slower drivers and must respect them as fellow competitors when coming in contact with them on the track. Slower drivers, or drivers being lapped, must drive within their limits and not make it difficult for the faster drivers. Know your limits when driving and keep control of the car at all times.

Be sure to always check for league updates in the forum! Updates and announcements will NOT be distributed by email or league newsletter.
Driver's Briefing ("DB") notices will appear in the forum in advance of each event. DB's will contain the race time and date, and may include special track specific information directing all drivers to adopt a prescribed procedure. (As an example, no passing on the first lap until after the hairpin at a certain track.)
Any new rules or procedures contained in the DB's will be considered final and drivers are expected to make themselves familiar with, and abide by, the contents of the DB's.
All league races and test sessions are passworded. The passwords could be different for each division, but they never change and you may contact the CoC for it. Do not give these passwords out under any circumstances!

We require all drivers to attend at least 75% of the scheduled races for your division. If you feel you can't commit to that number then let the CoC of your division know as soon as you can. Any penalties for not meeting these requirements are left to the discretion of the CoC's.
We require our drivers to contact their CoC no later than 48 hours before a race if he plans to miss it.
Warning! Any driver who misses two races in a row or 33% of the total races run to date, without informing his CoC beforehand, will be taken off the Active Roster for his division and placed on the Alternate Roster. Alternate Drivers may attend races that are not full at the CoC's discretion.
Administrators will be looking at attendance very closely and at any time during the season your CoC will be replacing drivers who's attendance is lacking with Alternates.
If at some point he finds he can race on a regular basis again, he may email the CoC or League Chairman to see if a spot is still available. Once you are placed on the Alternate Roster, you are not guaranteed a spot when you decide you'd like to return.

All league drivers must use their real names! No handles, nicknames or chat names are allowed in the chat room or races. We've found that this greatly improves the sense of community within our league. One exception to this is the use of aliases in the forum usernames, as it can be very inconvenient to change that. But drivers are encouraged to put their real name in their forum 'signature'.
Be sure to always join league races and the chat room under the same name, and that name should be the one you're registered with in the league. This lessens confusion with the administrators and your fellow drivers and, once again, facilitates friendship and community within the league. One exception to this is the use of different driver names for different 'mods'. "John Doe 65" for the 1965 GPL mod, for example. But the names should all be reasonably similar.

Any driver who takes part in a race "weekend" will be classified and may receive championship points, and that applies to all divisions. A race weekend consists of the qualifying session and race, but does not include any pre-qualifying or warm-up sessions.
We will classify drivers as GPL and the GPL Replay Analyzer does (including DQ's) to assure consistency and to minimize workload. The only exceptions that may be made are in the rare occurrence when a verifiable GPL anomaly occurs and results in the misrecording of laps completed. The number of laps that will need to be corrected will be taken into consideration as well. The lower the number of laps in error, the more likely the mistake will be corrected by the CoC. In the cases of divisions using other carsims than GPL, we will use the results exported by the server as the basis to classify all drivers.
No exceptions will apply to DQ’s.

All Divisions will use Bart Westra's servers we have at our disposal. (Thank you, Bart)
If there is a problem with one of the servers then the CoC will do his best to correct the problem or find a backup server. If the problem hasn't been solved or a backup isn't found within 30 minutes of the scheduled race time, that event will be postponed. An announcement will be made as soon as possible as to if/when the race will be rerun. The announcement may be made in the chat room, but the official announcement will always be posted on the forum as soon as possible.

We will always meet in the atlas chat room before a race. Simply boot up iGOR/VROC and create a non-passworded chat room named Atlas. A league official is usually there at least fifteen minutes early, and we encourage others in arriving early as well in case any technical problems occur.
Any technical problem should be worked out prior to race time. A league official will NOT sacrifice his own practice time to help you. SO ARRIVE EARLY!
Qualifying Session Anomalies - If a driver's qualifying times are not being registered by the program he may choose to address the matter from a number of remedies:
- he can simply remain connected as is and accept that without qualifying times he will be placed last or near last on the grid;
- he can try reconnecting (back out all the way into iGOR/VROC again) under the same name to see if that bumps the system into operating correctly;
- he can reconnect under a modified name to see if that fixes the problem - accepting the risks associated with that procedure. A driver reconnecting under another name must advise the other drivers using the chat function between the end of qualifying and the drop of the flag.
Warped Poles - If a driver's fastest qualifying time is an obvious result of warping (I.e., its more than 10% faster than his personal best), he should immediately exit the server and rejoin under a new name. This will leave his former spot on the grid vacant and he will be placed in his new spot as a result of the fastest lap he's achieved, under his new name, after he returned to the server.

Please see Recommended Driver Behavior by Phillip McNelley for our general guidelines on qualifying, race and overtaking etiquette. These guidelines will be enforced.
A few specific guidelines:
-Before exiting the pits you must inform the other drivers by typing "PO" or "Pit Out". You must do this before you exit the pit lane to give passing drivers a suitable warning.
-In most cases it's the responsibility of the TRAILING driver to pass safely and cleanly. But responsibility lies with both the leading and trailing drivers. While the trailing driver is almost always more culpable, the leading driver does have the responsibility of driving responsibly. I.e., no blocking, weaving or brake-testing your opponents.
-A driver being lapped will remain on the racing line at all times and do whatever he can to cooperate with the faster driver.

Blocking is a change of position by a leading driver done in direct response to a change of position by the trailing driver. This type of action will not be tolerated in this league.
For example, if the trailing driver pulls out from behind the leading driver on a straightaway the leading driver is not allowed to move in the same manner. Yes, if you're the leading driver you can choose your line, but NOT in response to the movements of the trailing driver.

In-car chat MUST be turned on at all times during a race weekend. Failure to do so may result in you missing important information such as if a race is "Red Flagged".
The only chatting allowed during an official league session (test, warm-up, qualifying or race) is "PO" or "PI".
Any driver who uses the chat excessively during the race or qualifying session for any reason may be penalized at the discretion the CoC.

Yellow Flag - Use caution, danger ahead. While passing under yellow isn't outlawed, it is strongly discouraged, and keep in mind that if you cause an accident while passing under yellow, the CoC will be more strict with your penalty.
Blue Flag - If you are about to be lapped by a faster car, move out of the way! Blue flags shown during qualifying sessions may be ignored ONLY if you are on your own useful flying lap. You are still entitled to complete your own flying lap at your best possible time without having to divert or move over.
Blue flags during a race must not be ignored! You must comply as soon as safely possible and help the lapping car pass. Do this by staying online and lifting off the accelerator in a safe point on the track.
Black Flag - Seeing a black flag means you have incurred a penalty. Drivers must always honor black flags given for any reason. (Or no reason at all!) Even when caused by internet connection anomalies. If you ignore a black flag, the GPL program will disqualify you from the race and you'll be classified however GPL classifies you. No exceptions shall be made with DQ's! If you are disqualified and should happen to continue racing your results will not be calculated and you will be subject to a one-race suspension. Drivers who get disqualified during a race must retire from the event quickly and safely - with minimal interference to other drivers.
Red Flag - Session immediately halted (notified using the in-car chat) and the race will be restarted.
Race Restarts: If, through the first few laps, there is extreme attrition either through disconnects ("disco's") or through on-track incidents, and in the sole opinion of the league official in attendance such attritions warrant a restart, he can Red Flag the race. The Red Flag notice will appear in the chat window at the top of the screen and the format will be: "RED FLAG, RED FLAG, RED FLAG".
It may take some time to assess the extent of such incidents and while every effort will be made to notify of a red flagged race as soon as possible it may take several laps before an informed decision can be reached.
Any driver ignoring a flag warning may be penalized at the discretion the CoC.
Remember! The Clerk of the Course may disqualify any driver from a race session at their discretion if they believe an infraction grievous enough. This may include (but is not exclusive to) black flags, blocking, joining the wrong server, joining under the wrong name, etc.

If you feel an incident has unfairly affected your result then it's your responsibly for bringing it to the attention of your CoC by submitting a protest. A description of your accusation is required together with a replay of the incident.
While normally the CoC will only review protested incidents, it is in his rights to review anything that took place during qualifying or a race. If an offense is grievous enough, a penalty may be issued without a formal complaint being filed.
When attempting to defend against another car, you are allowed one defensive move, so long as it does not endanger the other car and is not in direct response to a movement of the car behind. Any driver making multiple defensive moves, or who is, in the opinion of the CoC, considered to be attempting to block, squeeze or push another competitor off the track deliberately will be severely penalized.
We hold our drivers responsible for policing each other. Poor driving must be reported or the violator will not have the opportunity to correct his mistakes.
Always save a replay of your race if you can. It may be the only defense you have if someone files a protest against you. If you don't have a replay from your system to back up your story then you are at a disadvantage.
The CoC has the discretion to penalize a driver in whatever way he deems appropriate and reasonable depending on the incident and the driver's prior record. If a complaint of any kind is filed, the CoC will contact the offending party (or parties), review the incident and make his decision. If a driver is found to be at sufficient fault he will receive a penalty.
Penalties can range from just issuing a warning, to adding seconds or laps to a driver's race results, to loss of points, disqualification, suspension and banishment from the league.

Appeals have been eliminated. See the division specific rules for who has the final say regarding race incidents.


Edited by Arturo Pereira, 19 January 2014 - 10:00 AM.


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