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S22 - Mt. Panorama

09 March 2019 - 12:56 PM

I needed a race like this pretty badly at oAo, I think.
Strong qualifying, good race, no drama, no costly errors, and finish with a good result.
It is exactly what I got today.

At qualifying I managed to set a lap of under 2 minutes, much to my surprise.
I was estatic about it, as I was also ahead of Robert for a while during the session.
Couldn't help dreaming of actually having a front row seat for the race until getting a wake-up call.

Had a good start as I maintained position, didn't notice the havoc in the midfield.
Few laps later either side went their own ways, with Roy and Robert dashing off ahead and the pack of John/Dag/Enrique/Frank gradually falling further back.
That said, this was the rest of my race in a nutshell. I had one small moment early in the race spinning at Forrest's Elbow as well but no damage was recorded.

Third position came as a sense of relief for me.
After all, I have been dry from taking a step on the stage since Nürburgring 2017, 1½ years back!
And a good position was also welcome after a P3 was already savagely taken from me.

So, eh, yeah... I'm smiling after today :D


10 November 2018 - 10:39 AM

Well, nothing really went my way this race.
Apart from the start, maybe, as I gained two places.

Only on lap 2 I got caught one of those atrocious tyre kerbs at T8, got spun round and made a little mess of the midfield.
And after that the car just didn't feel right anymore. I assume the rear right suspension had been dislocated.
Then I spun again in T6, tried to get myself together for a number of laps only to go into the catch fence at the chicane. (which is a horrible section if I say so myself)

So, well, nothing good came out of this one.

Looking for something positive...
This sh***y season ended early for me.

Road America

29 September 2018 - 10:20 AM

Pre-session I discovered that my potentometers were acting werid so I decided to clean the pedals.
After doing so the issue still persisted. To give an idea of what it was doing, you can watch here.

Needless to say, it makes it really difficult to go full throttle and control the amount of power I want to use when exiting the corner.
And that costs me approx. 2 seconds of my merit.
I thought there is some possibility to challenge some of the midfield pack in qualifying, if the throttle was perfect, but given this wasn't the case, I was more concerned with keeping the Honda behind me!

Knowing I had no chance at this point I again wanted to go for finishing ahead of the Hondas in the race.
That plan worked until I got wide at T1 about 3 laps in and I was all the way back.
Keeping up wasn't as easy as I hoped, mainly due to the throttle issues, which got a bit lesser as the race progressed.

I made one ambitious divebomb on Alex at Turn 6 which almost worked out, but I didn't let go of the brake in time and as a result, a collision occured.
At the end of the lap I gave the place back to do it the appropiate way at attempt #2. Afterwards he fell back due to the damages of the touché.

With the retirement of two drivers I finished P9.
I'm somewhat bummed because I hoped to fight for at least P8, but obviously that wasn't on the cards this time out.

Now, on to do a higher level of maintenance.


02 June 2018 - 09:32 AM



19 May 2018 - 11:02 AM

Rather underprepared because I wasn't entirely sure if I could race.

I got my setup from last year and got going in the afternoon and noticed it could use a number of tweaks.

At qualifying I wasn't entire contend with it yet as I didn't match last year's PB.
So in the last five minutes I made a final tweak by changing the ramp angles to 60/45/1 and to my surprise I worked quite good.
Should I take a gamble in using it in the race, even though I have only used it for 3 laps? ... yeah, let's do it.

Good gamble I think. I am not sure if I would be faster if I stuck with 84/45/2.

So once again my 'start magic' kicked in again as I got well off the line and took two places.
At the Hangar Straight I also set me sights on overtaking Ed, but unfortunately I made contact when I tried to cross him through Stowe.
His Ferrari was warping quite a lot, making him rather unpredictable. I think this may have played some part in hitting him.
From my POV, he seemed to lose significant amount of speed as I tried to cross.
In any case, I think apologies are in order. Sorry, Ed. :(

So in one lap I made up three places and was looking to get the Eagle of Dag.
I seemed to gradually get closer, only for him to later pick up the pace and get away.
However, he made a spin coming out of Becketts so I took his position before reaching Stowe.

After that I spent pretty much the entire race trying to keep him at bay.
He got dangerous a couple of times and once managed to make a move, but I got to defend the inside.

So with that, finishing in P5. Teammate finished 4th, so a good result for the team :)
Let's just hope the D2 boys finally get a good result as well.

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