S7 R5 Jacarepegua-how Was Your Race?

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#1 lukewarm54


    Eric Schappach

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Posted 04 June 2009 - 07:20 PM

Well it didn't start too well.
Qualified appallingly bad, was 6 seconds off pole. I never expect to be front row, I'm just not that talented. I do expect to be within 2-3 seconds though if I have my act together.
Race started from the back row and by lap 2 I found myself in a nice scrap with Daniel for P6 or 7, then all of the sudden I got the "mother of all warps".
I thought my computer was locked, at least 15 seconds of frozen screen-then it came back.
Whoa, quick grab the wheel and drive again!
I'd given up only to be thrust back into the race.
I now found myself in P9 with Daniel waaaayy ahead. I had no one to run with and was pushing very hard setting some PB times here.
I outbraked myself and got turned around in a gravel trap which took an eternity to get out of.
I'd had enough...
I love the track but needed some better luck and more track time.
Was fun running with Daniel while it lasted.
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#2 Dom77


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Posted 04 June 2009 - 08:00 PM

3rd tonite i had a better setup which helped. I was battling with jon for over half the race. I lost it at the 2nd last turn then Jon lost probably the same amount of time a few laps later. Then tried to close the gap on Jon but he held his own. He was sliding as i was trying to keep up but i lost it again at the 2nd last turn! Then at turn 1 where Daniel was able to close the gap on me with a few laps to go. I lost it at that long lefthander sweeper and i thought bugger their goes 3rd but i guess daniel followed me in the gravel trap with me :P I held 3rd

Ive made good progress with race setup hopefully it will help next time
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#3 Phil Ashio

Phil Ashio

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Posted 04 June 2009 - 08:07 PM

I had a bit of a brain fart. Too fast going into corner on warm-up lap. Off the track, into a guard rail. Buggered up the front end.Very sad. Very sad indeed.
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#4 Jonathan Stiener

Jonathan Stiener


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Posted 04 June 2009 - 08:41 PM

View PostPhil Ashio, on Jun 4 2009, 09:07 PM, said:

I had a bit of a brain fart. Too fast going into corner on warm-up lap. Off the track, into a guard rail. Buggered up the front end.Very sad. Very sad indeed.

ouch phil.... that sucks

As for me, I was quite confident headed into tonites race, was fast in practice all week, and knew I had more in reserve.. But damn if pablo doesnt pull off a 38! Sure wish hed run a lap on the srver midweek so I have sumthing to shoot for!

I was pleased with slotting in p3 though, think it was my best start of the season.  Just was planning on staying with the top 2, and try not to let them get  to far off in the distance, I have a tendency to be conservative on cold tires, and am very nervous 1st few laps until tire pressures come up. Well, I got a clean start, and followed Sam and Pablo into t1, they were really battling it out the 1st lap, and starting the 2nd lap going into t2, I think I saw Sam and Pablo rub tires a little, and that contact sent pablo off the track a bit, I was licking my chops! As I thought they were both going to go off and I could grab the lead, but Sam did a nice job of hanging on! Pablo got back up to speed very quick, and was hounding me, and I knew my position would be in jeapordy, but unfortunately for him he went off, cant recall what turn, but think it was the dreaded 2nd to last corner Dom loves so much! :) From then on just tried to keep Sam honest and try to force him into a mistake, but he was solid as a rock and I knew I had no chance, besides, I was to busy focusing on not letting my teammate Dom get past me!! We had a gr8 battle all race, I was faster in the 1st and 2nd sectors, but he would gain it all back in sector 3, he really had those corners down pat! He kept the pressure on me, and I started to make small mistakes, and I think he could smell blood, but then he ran it a bit hot into the before mentioned 2nd to last conner, and i got a 12 second buffer..... shew... Thought I could just cruise home in 2nd, but starting lap 13 i lost focus going into t1 listening to my spotter call out my laptime and missed my braking point, backing it off into the grass, managed to get the car pointed in such a way that I hit the wall backwards so I didnt make contact with any wheels, and the wing held on strong! Thankyou team lotus!!! Kept going, and the car felt fine, but I gave Dom a renewed sense of hope, and he managed to get within a half second of me, but then I put my head down and started laying down my quickest laps of the race, and he once again fell off track, I just brought home in one piece in 2nd.

Congrats to Samuel on a well deserved win, and to Dom for a gr8 race!

Cya nextt week,,,


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#5 Gunny



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Posted 04 June 2009 - 09:03 PM

Race replay and xml files

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#6 avatar7


    Hristo Itchov

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Posted 05 June 2009 - 02:54 AM

View Postlukewarm54, on Jun 5 2009, 01:20 AM, said:

I thought my computer was locked, at least 15 seconds of frozen screen-then it came back.

I used to have these happen like once each hour when racing last season Screamers, but got it cured it somehow (think it had to do with Graphics settings, shadows or special effects). That said, I was getting a similar thing in this race, though it was more like 5 seconds freezes, but on the other hand it was happening much more often, like once each 10 mins.

I don't know if I really suck that much in these cars or it was the cars, but... first the Arrows was completely pathetic as it just wouldn't turn into corners and end up 5-6 seconds off the pace per lap!

So I followed Dom's advice and took the McLaren 28D and that was an improvement, but still some 2-3 seconds off the pace. Either the McLaren 29 that occupied the top spots in Qualifying is that much better or I just can't drive or setup these, lol.

For some reason my FF became completely useless after Qualifying, it just wasn't working properly anymore (becoming light or giving resistance when it shouldn't), so I had to turn it off, which made driving a bit of a gamble. The 28D had terrible virtual mirrors, with something like 30 (!) field of view angle so it was confusing to judge the gap back to cars properly.

Anyway, my race setup felt good and I had a nice start and just followed along, but then the car ahead braked way too much for the fast left T3 and although I tried my best I touched it from the back - sorry for that!

Then I made a silly mistake on lap 2 on the exit of T1 and scrapped the wall on the left which did damage to both front and rear end. From there on the car was very unpredictable. I couldn't go straight, it was understeering in left handers and oversteering in right handers, snapping around all the time.

We had a nice scrap with Damian, but eventually he passed me and started pulling away slowly. Then I just locked my brakes on the end of the long straight and went straight into the barriers, losing a wheel in the process. Got it to the pits, but the pit crew ensured me all damage was fixed and I should continue on 3 wheels. Well, I disagreed and retired, lol.

Thanks to Dom for letting me do this as a wild card, I really liked the track and so had a desire to compete in the race. Grats to all finishers!


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#7 Kimmo


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Posted 05 June 2009 - 04:39 AM

View Postavatar7, on Jun 5 2009, 09:54 AM, said:

So I followed Dom's advice and took the McLaren 28D and that was an improvement, but still some 2-3 seconds off the pace. Either the McLaren 29 that occupied the top spots in Qualifying is that much better or I just can't drive or setup these, lol.
The M29 is a lot faster than the M28anything, out of the box.

Grats Samuel for the win! Woo-hoo. I'm off to Germany. See you next race.

#8 Adnan Dizdarevic

Adnan Dizdarevic

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Posted 05 June 2009 - 06:05 PM

I was looking forward to the race. I like the track, despite the fact that I could never make sense for last sector. Wierd corner radii are destroying great track flow of first two sectors... At least in my mind...Whole week however, worked in wrong direction about set up. At the end loaded S4 Williams set up during qualy and knocked off 0.7 sec from by qualy time to that point. After qualy I noticed that my rads were still on race size... <_<
Same set up with sort tyres and race fuel resulted with best time in warm up what wake some hopes for race. Start was not best, but I hoped I can recover... Then decided to play with buttons on gear shifter to look for tyre temps... Once I decided to take a look forward, the track was gone and I was running quite decently....to the wall :soapbox:  Yeah, you guessed right in third sector...
First retirement (I think the one from Phil, before race start cannot be counted) last night. Is there a bonus point for that?
Might be difficult to race in next two weeks for me. Next track is looking grat but seems to require some time to learn it. Week after will be most likelly ocupied with work...

Thanks to Dom and Gunny and congrats to podium.

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#9 Samuel


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Posted 06 June 2009 - 09:54 AM

This was another new track for me and it sure was a challenge , took some time to even learn which way to turn next  :unsure: . Specially the last 3 corners were hard to remember and always wanted to brake too late there. What was extremely tricky here was the changes of light and shadow , which made some of the braking signs 'disappear' in to the shadow when the day progressed. Overall the lack of visible braking points on this track was the biggest challenge for me at least.

   Luckily Kimmo helped me again finalizing the setup i've started a day earlier and things were looking pretty good already on race day. Did the last setup changes in qualifying and found a new gearing which worked great , specially on the race setup later on even thou the qualifying could have gone a bit better ,just couldn't get a solid lap in but a 2nd place behind Pablo and a front row start was ok anyways.

Start of the race was as usual , little bit too much wheel spin but held on to 2nd place. Pablo was sliding a bit on 1st lap and i could keep in close distance and take it easy on the cold tires , then on lap 2 ,turn 1 ,Pablo went wide and i slipped by on the inside but he came back and attacked on the 2nd turn. Pablo slid a bit wide from the inside line while i was keeping a middle line and our cars touched, which made his car to wobble a bit and moved to the outside. I managed to slow down and make a move to the inside line and slipped by , taking the lead there.   I was a bit worried after the race if i've caused the contact because there was some lag just before T2 , but the server replay didn't show anything new on that perspective so i'll leave it to that.

Jonathan who was now in 2nd place was pushing hard with his Lotus and we lapped pretty much on a same pace , every now and then the gap went up a bit but he was there keeping the pressure up about half the race. Then the gap doubled suddenly and i could take it a bit easier , but in this track it was easier said than done. For some reason the last turns wanted to surprise me more than once but luckily i just went a bit wide few times there without dropping off the racing surface. What a difficult and challenging track all in all , but i have to say that i kind of liked it anyways and it felt good to take a win on such a tough track  :1a:   :).

Congratulations to Jonathan for the 2nd place and Dom for the 3rd position on the podium  :thumbs:  , tough luck Pablo for the DNF :(.

Thanks all for the race and cya on the next one , yet another new track for me... althou i think i saw it on TV last year when they raced FIA GT finale there. If so , the track is just awesome , hopefully i'll have time to try it as soon as possible :).


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